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Krystal and kang minhyuk dating website


By aquaJuly 29, in shippers' paradise. How do you feel about that? This is my first time coming alone for an activity. Because there are so many fans that came to see me, I feel their warmth and support. Their response is very passionate, makes me feel like I'm playing drums… sweating! This time in Krystal and kang minhyuk dating website, are there any special destinations you wish to visit or foods to eat? This time I really want to go to the Soho District and visit antique shops.

Because I really like interior design and little home decor items. I heard Soho district sells these types of things. So, I'd like to visit Soho to buy lots of accessory ornament type things. Also, I like to eat egg tart and mango pudding.

I had some this morning. You mentioned you like interior design and home decoration. I heard that your recent hobby is flower arrangement? Yes, because I really like home decor items, that's why I became to like flower arrangements. I would visit the flower market to buy flowers and bring home to arrange them.

I would use the flower arrangements to decorate my home. So that's why "Krystal and kang minhyuk dating website" wish to visit Soho district. Have you ever made flower arrangements for the members or friends or a girl? Previously during Parents Day, I arranged some carnations for my parents. Also I gave to friends as gifts… the friends I made during Flower Arrangement classes.

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Even some are men… there are lots of friends who received flower gifts from me. That's why I like flower arrangement so I can give to many people. Are there any roles you wish to challenge yourself? Because I'm still young… I'm willing to try many different roles.

Instead of picking a specific role, I hope I'm able to try various different roles. In "The Heirs", your role was a high school student. In the future, would you like to portray different age group characters like Krystal and kang minhyuk dating website year old roles? I think right now the directors might not want me to play a 30 year old role.

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I hope right now I can portray roles that are suitable for my appearance. Slowly one by one I want to try out different roles.

When I become 30 years old, I can portray an ajusshi role. During that time, if I have the opportunity… I will challenge that type of role. Right now, I think I can still do a student role. The cast of "The Heirs" have become good friends in real life.

Have you kept in touch with any of them? Yes we do keep in touch.

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Sometimes I see Lee Minho hyung, but he's very busy. Woo Bin hyung has been busy filming a movie, so I rarely have a chance to meet him. But we still keep in touch. Krystal and Shinhye too… they are busy filming dramas, but we all still keep in touch and have gatherings. Everyone knows you and Super Junior's member Donghae are close friends. Can you explain why?

I filmed my first drama with Donghae hyung.

I knew him during that time… he took really good care of me like his little brother. From then on, we've become good friends. How do you all maintain the great relationship? According to age… there are 2 hyungs and 2 dongsaengs. The hyungs really take care of the dongsaengs. And the dongsaengs really likes the hyungs so they will listen to the hyungs. So a form of mutual-understanding is naturally formed.

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During conversations, we all won't make each other feel unhappy. Everyone will clearly communicate and understand each other so there won't be any uneasy or unhappy situations.