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Best opening worship songs


No matter how difficult, worship leaders need fast praise songs. If you have additional songs that work well for your team, leave some ideas in the comments.

If I agree with you, your song could make it on my list. Without further ado, here are the songs.

This is a fun and simple song that worship teams can do easily. The congregation will pick it up quickly, too. This is worth trying at your church. You can expect your first new worship song suggestion soon! Peel away the synths and drum machines, and you have a Best opening worship songs easy fast song for your church. Try it out at your church and let me know how it goes. First song on the album. You know this one is going to be good.

Released in Februarythis is one of the standout fast worship songs of the year. There are literally four chords in the verses and not many more in the chorus. Worship teams of all skill levels can do this song with excellence. The song is not light on theology.

Get to know this song. Soon it will be everywhere. This was a song submitted by a member of the Worship Deeper community. Calvary Church in North Carolina recorded this live at a worship night, and sent it along.

They even sent an MP3 and chord chart that anyone can download. See how to Best opening worship songs your song in front of thousands of worship leaders here.

If you strip away the electronics and production, you still have a playable, singable fast worship song for your congregation.

At its bones, this song is actually very simple.

Worship Together is the best...

Give it a try on an acoustic guitar and see what happens. It promotes a spirit of freedom in Christ. But this song should get them one step closer. This song nudges us in that direction. Leeland Mooring has been writing and performing music since he was like 6 months old — okay, an exaggeration — but the lates songwriter and recent Bethel implant has done it again with this fast song.

Please submit your original worship song MP3s and music sheets, as well as Best opening worship songs note giving me permission to post "Best opening worship songs" free of charge on this website. Worship leaders from around the globe will be able to listen to your song, download the songsheet, and start playing them at their churches.

What a great way to equip local churches and use your gifts to their full potential! Email me at tim at worshipdeeper dot com with Dropbox links, Google Drive links, or however you want to get your songs to me. I will review them and possibly add them to my Free Worship Songs Portal. This one worked well as a fast song in our high school group. Again, if you have fast songs that work at your church, please share.

There has been an incredible response to this post and many of you are adding some great song ideas. This is an acoustic-driven upbeat song that would be easy to pull off even with a team of just a few musicians. This song skews a little toward the medium-fast side of the spectrum, but still worth including. Playable by the average worship team?