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Chen xiao and michelle chen dating websites


Ok, let me be really sad. This is sad for two reasons: Ok, am I being too mean? Ok, so first of all, I know they are adults in their twenties and nearly in their thirties. I understand Chen Xiao Chen xiao and michelle chen dating websites not dating Zhao Liying and accept that they are not going to be an item anytime soon. I know Michelle Chen is a great girl and I hope both actors can be happy. However, with the whole desaster that was Return of the Condor Heroes, I really wanted to put this whole acting project behind for them so they can move to better things.

When I heard the two are filming together the movie Good Morning ParisI thought hell no I am not jumping in the trap again. Anyway, even if this news is sudden Chen xiao and michelle chen dating websites unwelcomed, I will try to change my mind about this pairing and hope for them to be happy together.

However, when I think of CX and MC, it is impossible for me to think of a legendary couple becoming reality. I am so confused right now and am probably not making any sense. Is it only me? Am I, once again, too bias? I hope more people will be more open minded than me and think of this as a legit good news. Weird couple, but wish them all the best. Liu Yi Fei was the first one they revealed. They said that all of these actresses are in a relationship with their costar from the drama that aired this year with very high ratings.

Who do you think it could be for ZLY? Because there is a lot of rumors for them and they seem to work on a new project soon hueue… just like Chen Xiao. Looks like they are quickly revealing people haha. Crossing my fingers for Wallace Huo.

Like Liked by 1 person. Wallace is soooo handsome and Li Ying is soo pretty. She also thought it was a joke lol. Does seem a little unbelievable, no offense, but Chen Xiao flirts with a lot of girls and are in contact with much prettier and younger actresses. I am kinda surprised he would fall for Michelle Chen, but maybe she has something that attracts hot guys. She actually dated Li Dong Xue before. Plus, Li Ying said in an interview she had been cheated on before and if a guy did even anything inappropriate, she would break up right away.

Yes, Chen Xiao does seem like the flirty and sweet talking guys. I guess thats why it so hard to believe that he would fall for Michelle Chen. Also Wallace is the type who is very personal and tries to lay low even though drama always seems to be catching up to him somehow.

Intellectualkitten, you might be interested to read this: But having watched more ZLY shows since then, I think she may go for an older guy in real life. She may play a cute young character like Shan Shan but her real life persona seems more subdued and intense — kinda like "Chen xiao and michelle chen dating websites" from Best Get Going. Yes, I also Chen xiao and michelle chen dating websites like Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying are very compatible both in real life and in dramaland.

And a lot of people think the same if you consider how big their ship was LOL Like, those two are the type to really put efforts and energy into their acting and it really show. They were perfect too in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang! Just saw Cuo Dian Yuan Yang and loved it! How is this not a hit!! Her chemistry with Qi Ji is amazing. It was a hit right into my heart though: As soon as I hear you mention Qi Ji — I am on it.

I know about them being shipped but honestly, CX is just a little average looking cute kid which I have no care for. I swear those critics are just weird.

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