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Shin hye geun suk dating websites


He has alot of ideas and even personally plans his concerts.

Popular actress Park Shin Hye...

His mother likes me,but Jang Geun Suk is different. He never saw me as a girl. We know the reason why. Those are just few of the facts that I collected since I dont have enough time. Lets proceed with some other facts to elaborate our views: By the way our Prince looked onto our Princess,who would say that it is just a brotherly or sisterly look??

Hmmmm the way our Prince treat her?

Indeed,Park Shin Hye is not a girl in Jang keun Suk eyes coz she is his woman and a future wife to be. Reblogged this on KS2H and commented:. In fact Shin Hye had introduced him as her sweetheart to her co stars in Hayate Combat the Butler and called him as yeobo during the Tokyo Dome concert.

Try to find their old videos and I think all their fans had been asking themselves what their relationship was at that time.

What do u guys think? Are these the brotherly terms that the Koreans use? Yeobo… it is usually a term for married women towards their husband or if a relationship is really serious. Definitely no, Shin Hye! Just look at those BTS, those photos, how he stares at you, touch you, lean his head on that tokyo dome concert, etc. Or, are you teasing Geun Suk? Still the same ideal girl? The rating is very low. This year he did not get any KBS awards.

JKS needs to think how to increase his popularity in Korea year Good job on "Shin hye geun suk dating websites" the details.


Thanks a lot i hope may god blass you forever: I do believe on a sister-brotherly relationship. Maybe in due time,they will confess what is really going on. From thence,you will see guys,what is the recent status of the couple!! You have the point there teena…. Korean culture is different from others as you can see….

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