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Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition


Post on Feb views. The proceedings are destined for zoologists, ecologists, ethologists and for professionals in the field of protection and sustainable use of natural patrimony. Redactional boardTodera Ion, doctor habilitatus of biology, professor, academician chief redactor Ungureanu Laurentia, doctor habilitatus of biology, professor Capcelea Arcadie, doctor habilitatus of biology, associate professor Munteanu Andrei, doctor of biology, professorDerjanschi Valeriu, doctor habilitatus of biology, professorDavid Anatolie, doctor habilitatus of biology, professorZubcov Elena, doctor habilitatus of biology, professorUsati Marin, doctor habilitatus of biology, associate professor Erhan Dumitru, doctor habilitatus of biology, professorNistreanu Victoria, doctor of biology, associate professor Lozan Aurel, doctor of biologyThe reviewed materials are approved Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition recommended for editing by the Scientific Coun-cil of Institute of Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition of A.

Cuza, Iasi Romania Descrierea CIP a Camerei Naionale a CriiSustainable use, protection of animal world and forest management in the context of climate change, international conference of zoologists 9; ; Chisinau. Todera Ion chief red. Popescul, Dragos Lucian Gorgan. Gologan, Nina Chihai, Tudor Anghel. Stache, Mitica Ciorpac, Ovidiu A. Inrepresentatives of 44 governments from Europe and Northern Asia signed the St. Petersburg Declaration, thus commit-ting themselves to address illegal logging and forest governance.

Moldova joined the FLEG process in and cooperation with the forestry au-thorities i. Agency Moldsilva with its 25 forestry enterpriseslocal public authori-ties, and NGOs was set based on principles of sustainable forest development. The results of the 1st phase of the program were analytical studies of wood consumption and illegal logging, new proposed visions to improve legal and norma-tive frame, circa ha of community land under forest management planning work, and an ample awareness campaign.

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Phase 2nd of the program stayed on the established partnership with Moldsilva and its entities, several studies carried out e. Climatic prog-nosis for the next years forecast an increase in annual temperature as well as a decrease in levels of precipitation. Forest Policy Note, signifi-cant changes will take place up towhen large "Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition" of tree dying out will expand from one region to others, but strongly aggravating towards South. It is extremely important for the Moldovan forestry authorities to take all these into consideration, especially when strategic plans are built and decisions to rationally use existing forests are made.

International practices, especially of neighboring coun-tries i. Romania and Ukraine may offer good lessons, and trans-boundary coopera-tion with these countries can bring governments and nations to contribute to a better environment and sustainable development.

Although FLEG program will finalize by the end ofits results may give life to other Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition and projects. Thus, the World Bank is now working on a Climate Change and Afforestation investment project to help several sector of national econ-omy better adapt to the climate change. WWF will probably continue its wood trace-ability cooperation with Agency Modlsilva, spanning also on to other forest owners. In the last 10 years, sero-epidemiological studies on T.

First isolation and genetic characterization of a T.

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Trichinellosis is a zoonosis acquired by ingesting raw meat with encysted larvae of Trichinella. Romania represents the country with the most extensive Trichinella infec-tion in the world.

Currently, two of the species are present: Simple species iden-tification of Trichinella isolates has been performed by amplification and sequencing of the 5S ribosomal DNA intergenic spacer region De Bruyne et al.

The presence of E. In andrespectively, E. In Romania, the first studies regarding animal and human cystic echinococ-cosis identified only G1, G2 and G7 genotypes Bart et al. Other research in do-mestic and wild ruminants reported the G1 genotype as dominant, from In wild boars, G1 Muscular cysticercosis caused by T.

In terms of spatial spread, outbreaks in porcine cysticercosis were discovered in 7 counties Dur-ing the studied period, there were a total of 10 disease outbreaks. In terms of temporal spread, cases of disease had been recorded every year. In the same period, a total of cases with suspected muscle cysticercosis have been reported in cattle, with a total of 13 cases confirmed.

In terms of spatial spread, outbreaks were found in 3 counties 7. The data obtained allow us to observe trends of evolution in T. In terms of temporal spread, it was found that cases of animals diagnosed with bo-vine cysticercosis were reported in two years out of five, in andrespectively Oleleu et al. In Romania, the development of serological surveillance and molecular diagnostic in these parasitic zoonoses is required. Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland email: Critics believe that the Paris Accord does not go far enough to protect the planet.

Nevertheless, the COP21 agreement is widely considered to be the turning point for the world as it is the most far-reaching climate commitment made so far by member states of the United Nations.

Against this backdrop, the academic community and other stakeholders from around the world were get-together in Karlsruhe, Germany from the 19th to 21st of Oc-tober to examine the pivotal role of education and training in creating a climate-friendly world. The conference provided a global platform to exchange views on in-tegrating climate change and environmental sustainability at all levels of education. During the three-day event, the delegates shared their unique approaches and innova-tive ideas for preparing students and learners to become responsible leaders and stew-ards of our planet and transform the worlds fossil fuel-driven economy.

This years global gathering of committed and like-minded delegates from across the globe was an opportunity to deliberate on how education can be reshaped to address the 21st century challenges.

Further to sharing knowledge on education for sustainability, the upcoming event also provides an excellent networking opportunity with peers and experts in Europe and beyond. At the break of day of the hominid species in Pleistocenthe biodiversity faced with fluctuations and high concentrations of CO2 in atmosphere, with climatic and precipitation variations, supporting important evolutionary changes and Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition new strategies of adaptations to the new natural conditions.

But those climatic chang-es developed a longer period of time, enough to allow to the biodiversity. Habitat degradation "Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition" fragmentation pushed many species to smaller and smaller areas from their former range. It was proved that restricted species distribution is reflecting in reducing their ge-netic variability.

The interglaciary warming periods affected much less the ecosystems and generally biodiversity than the alarming climate changes recently appeared. Up 19IX-th International Conference of Zoologists, October to Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition today rhythm of the global mean temperature rising of the green-house effect the temperature will be with 1. The impact of these climate changes will be: Understanding the global biodiversity spoliation because of the climate changes, the international forums in the field had concluded these changes will be most impor-tant factors which will determine significant loss of biodiversity up to the end of 21st century.

At the same time, optimistic signals on the support and adaptations capacity of biodiversity to the impact of climatic phenomenon would be, if they were producing slowly, in a longer period of time.

In relation between climate changes and biodiversity, this one can resist at least temporary by: Adaptations are at the individual, populational and especially at the ecosystem lev-el. Inside and between species relations, the biodiversity can Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition suitable strategies to use the ecosystems resources by: Under the climate changes, all species will be drastically tested on their capacity to adapt and finding genetic resources to the populational level will be the basic premise to generate new species.

It is possible to foresee coming into being at the global and na-tional levels of new species, with surprising adaptive capacities, to resist to the unusual thermic variations Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition to the high aridity and to reduced precipitations.

Between measures to help biodiversity adaptations we can mention: So that, the flexibility and predictions play an important role in alerting scien-tists and decision makers Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition potential biodiversitys future risks.

Predictions provide a Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition to bolster attribution of biological modifications to climate change and can support the development of proactive strategies to reduce climate change impacts on biodiversity. Because the biodiversity services and products are at the base of the hu-man species outliving. Five shrew species inhabit in Moldova: The water shrew Neomys fodiens was mentioned for the territory of Mol-dova by several researchers, but the detailed studies accomplished in the past century Averin, ; Lozan,and in the last 15 years didnt reveal the presence of this species even in the northern part of the republic.

The presence of the species was mentioned in pellets of some predatory birds Zubcov, During the last 60 years considerable modification of shrew communities in vari-ous types of ecosystems on the whole territory of Moldova were registered. In the s the dominant species among shrews in natural ecosystems of the republic was S. We have Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition mention that in 50ss of the past century the lower Prut area occupied large surfaces with many float-ing reed islets, covered with dense herbaceous vegetation and abundant litter.

Here the shrew species, especially the most higrophylous ones S. The pigmy and lesser shrews were rath-er spread all over the studied territory, but their abundance was lower. The bicolour shrew was rather rare and together with C.

The common, pigmy and Mediterranean water shrews have been recorded in various types of forest ecosystems, as well as in paludous and riparian biotopes with characteristic significance. Shrew species were also recorded in pellets of predatory birds, but in very low quantity: In s the changes of social and economic conditions lead to the changes of eco-system structure and to the modification of whole landscape of the Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition of MolSustainable use, protection of animal world and forest management in the context of climate changedova.

Vast single-crop agricultural fields from the agrarian complex of s that occupied large territories were divided in parcels cultivated with various annual, bi-annual and perennial cultures.

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Many lands were Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition and uncultivated, the mosaicity of the territory increased. The process of natural habitat destruction for-est cutting, increasing of recreational activity, waste deposited outside localities, water habitat pollution etc. In such stressful conditions the shrew spe-cies density decreased drastically by comparing with other mammal groups.

In this period the common shrew showed high degree of adaptability and the largest limits of ecological valence. Their total abundance was rather low: The last species was very rare in the past century and since the 80s its number decreased more, so it was included in the Red Book of Moldova, 2nd edition as critically endangered.

It can be also observed the strong decreasing of Medi-terranean water shrew by more than three times in comparison with the 70s, condi-tioned by intense drying Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition lower Prut and Nistru swamp ecosystems in the 80s and by intense pollution of surface waters in 90s.

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At the beginning of new century many abandoned lands reverted to their more or less natural state as natural biotopes, such as pastures, meadows, grazing lands etc. At the same time, the processes of anthropization, urbanization and degradation of the natural ecosystems occur all over the territory of the republic.

Marius Cristian Negrea (born 27...

In this context the modi-fication of the shrew communitys structure continued. It is more tolerant to the environment conditions Negrea bogdan cristian asexual definition to anthropogenic activity in comparison to other shrew species.

The density of bicol-or white-toothed shrew increased and its frequency was rather high with the value of 9.

The den-sity of bicolor white-toothed shrew increased up to 8. The lesser shrew was more frequent The Mediter-ranean water shrew was the rarest shrew among other species after In the majority of the study periods S.

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The evolution of C. The lesser white-toothed shrew abundance also increased towhen it was the dominant species. Find more definitions on Fitness | General Health | Minerals | Nutrition | Vitamins cells or organisms that are asexually descended from a common progenitor.


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