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Dr phil hammond wife sexual dysfunction


Biography Phil Hammond is a GP, writer, broadcaster and possibly the only comedian to appear at a public inquiry. He is Private Eye's medical correspondent and broke the story of the Bristol heart scandal inwhich lead to the largest public inquiry in British history 7 years later. Inhe broke allegations of serious errors in pathology reporting in Bristol, which lead to an inquiry in just 7 days. He was also the only doctor to appear for the prosecution on Channel 4's Doctors on Trial.

They had five sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, were twice selected for the Perrier Pick of the Fringe and won Writers' Guild and Silver Sony Awards when the show transformed into a Radio 4 series. Phil still works part time as a GP and lecturer, but is better known for his TV work.

Phil is currently science presenter for The One Show BBC1 and is making 20 short films, each containing an experiment. He presents The Music Dr phil hammond wife sexual dysfunction for Radio 4 and is the author of three best-selling books: This is also the "Dr phil hammond wife sexual dysfunction" behind his latest live show Dr.

Phil's Rude Health Show, which goes on tour from April Phil is married to Jo, also a GP, and has two children, two Labradors, two cats, two retired ponies and a full head of ginger hair.

For more info, go Dr phil hammond wife sexual dysfunction www. For those who haven't you on stage before what can they expect? Access to a GP. It's hard getting in to see a doctor these days, so I always bring my black bag, prescription pad and sick notes.

I tend to get problems from the audience, rather than heckles, and my changing room is open for swabs during the interval. Most of the material has a medical theme but it's accessible to everyone. And if you're too shy to ask a question, you can always drop one into Dr Phil's secret sac. You have a reputation for being out-spoken and explicit. Is this show as rude as your last?

It depends what you mean by explicit. I rarely swear, but I'm a firm believer in demystifying medicine and destigmatising illness. And I've worked in a sexual health clinic.

So the material ranges from vulvas to vaccine scares. I do give the audience the chance to choose between political and anatomical humour, but then - like any other doctor - I just Dr phil hammond wife sexual dysfunction do what takes my fancy.

What inspired you to create your new stage show? The sixtieth anniversary of the NHS and imminent election has made me reflect on what's happening to our health service and what politicians have done to it and I'm always trying to discover where all the money's gone.