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Transistor 2 types of sexual harassment


With all the recent headlines regarding sexual harassment, companies may want to take a fresh look at their anti-harassment policies.

The best weapon against harassment in the workplace is preventing the conduct. How can legal and HR work together to review and revise sexual harassment policies to create a safe atmosphere for employees?

cades of sexual harassment training...

Harassment is a form of employment discrimination that violates state and federal laws. Unwelcomed conduct based on certain protected characteristics is considered harassment.

Federal laws that protect against harassment include:. However, certain unwelcomed conduct does not rise to the level of harassment; minor insults, irritations and isolated occurrences — unless extremely serious — generally will not rise to the level of unlawfulness.

Further, abusive conduct not based on protected characteristics will not be considered harassment. Two types of sexual harassment exist:. When speech or conduct is so severe and persistent that it creates an intimating or demeaning work environment, the first type occurs. This type of sexual harassment could occur if employees at a company repeatedly make sexual jokes or display offensive pictures to co-workers. An example of this would be a supervisor offering to promote their subordinate if the employee agrees to a date.

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