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Best way to masterbate


Most guys just grab and shake. But I used to live with a lesbian couple who would talk about interesting takes on sexuality. They were telling me a book that described things like how a man can have multiple orgasms, orgasm without ejaculation, and even more advanced was an orgasm without stimulus, simply meditating into a full-body orgasm that you could hold for a longer period. I tell you what, they say guys are the ones who are mostly sex. But when sex becomes freer and less judgmental, girls really come into their own.

Well flying in a rocket going miles per second into a black hole while listening to everybody hurts by Phil Colins with a poster of Hilary Clinton naked I think is the best way possible to masturbate I find "Best way to masterbate" it standing up is better when lying down.

Like to take my time. Probably with a male sex toy. I haven't tried it. I have used a vibrating tooth brush, but I still enjoy the traditional method more.

With a finger on your prostate.

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