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1d preferences hes hookup your best friend part 2


Harry shook his head. He would always ask you to come over and watch movies with him or accompany him to events. A few days ago, a coworker of yours ran into Harry and asked him if he would set the two of you up. It was then that Harry realized he might lose you.

Every time i see her I just get nervous! Louis stifled a laugh as Liam glared at Zayn. You were standing at the opposite side of the room talking to Harry and you looked over and waved to Liam. Since you and Zayn had met while you were working at a coffee shop a few years before you and Zayn had been inseparable.

You always went on tour with him and had the best times. You were there for him when he needed someone by his side and he was there for you when you were at your lowest point and was always able to pick you up and help you carry on.

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From the first moment Zayn laid eyes on you he thought you were the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen and knew that he wanted to to be with you. But, soon after he met you you got into a relationship. Recently you and your boyfriend had broken up after you found out that he cheated on you. The night you broke up you called Zayn and he came to you and never left your side.

All the boy agreed that it was long enough and it was time that he tell you all the things he kept inside. Harry took out his phone and called you to come over.

Tonight was the night.

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Your best friend introduced you to Niall because she always tried to be a matchmaker among her friends and she thought the two of you would be perfect together. Her plan fell through when you and Niall bonded more and friends then as boyfriend and girlfriend. The boys knew he would never do it so they took it upon themselves to call you over and force Niall to talk to you. Harry jumped up and tackled him.

Hope all of you have a happy holiday season!! I miss it too lol.

It was completely unexpected but I really enjoy it: Omg thank you so much! Anywho, would you guys prefer to have my masterlist separated by character, fandom, or whatever? My writers block has. Originally posted by nicky Originally posted by olsentwinluv4ever.

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I'm not pressuring you is just curiosity but will be there a next part for Proud Dad? I love all your stories by the way xo.