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Park shin hye and yoon shi yoon dating website


Flower Boy Next Door Hangul: Boy" series of Flower Boy programming targeted at the teenage demographic. Go Dok-mi in Korean, literally "lonely beauty" is a shy, frugal freelance copy editor who refuses to leave her apartment or interact with people as much as possible. Every day, using a pair of binoculars, she steals peeks at her neighbor across the street, Han Tae-joon, as he goes through his daily morning routine.

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She had fallen in love with Tae-joon at first sight, after witnessing him pick up a puppy in a box and taking it home. When she looked out her window and saw him living in the apartment opposite hers, she thought of it as fate.

Webtoon artist Oh Jin-rak lives in the same apartment building as Dok-mi. He has been in love with Dok-mi for ages, and anonymously leaves a carton of milk with a post-it attached by her door every day.

He created a webtoon with his drawing partner Oh Dong-hoon, titled "Flower Boy Next Door", based on Dok-mi's life as well as his desire to draw her out into the world. Enrique Geum, a genius video game developer, arrives in Seoul from Spain.

His reason for coming is "cupid's arrow. That same day, a new neighbor Watanabe Ryu moves into the apartment across to Dok-mi and Jin-rak.

When Enrique comes to stay at Tae-joon's apartment, he catches Dok-mi in the act. Naturally curious and inquisitive, Enrique decides to find out the reason why Dok-mi is living in recluse. Meanwhile, Jin-rak is threatened by Enrique's sudden intrusion into Dok-mi's life.

With all these new men suddenly entering her life, Dok-mi's solitary and orderly world is turned upside down. Broadcasting rights were sold to Japan for the highest price yet for a Korean cable series; it began airing in May on TBS.

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Park Shin Hye and Yoon...

This page was last edited on 7 Septemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Promotional poster for Flower Boys Next Door. Actress Park Shin Hye recently confessed hat her ideal type is now Yoon Shi Yoon.

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