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Philip yancey homosexuality


What is your position on gays and lesbians in the church? Mel—formerly a ghost writer for famous Christians and now a prominent gay activist—was one of my closest friends for years before he revealed to me his sexual orientation.

He still is a close friend, by the way. He had repressed and hidden his homosexuality, and in fact was married and was making a fine career in Christian publishing and also in ministry as a pastor and professor at Fuller Seminary. Mel became a window to me into a world I knew nothing about.

He tells his own story in the book Stranger at the Gate. We all know know well how explosive this issue can be. I get hate letters full of equal venom from both sides: No, he receives much judgment and condemnation from the church, and also much reasoned disapproval of his life and decisions.

I simply try to balance that off a bit by being loving and nonjudgmental. I found it impossible to have a close friendship with Mel when I ignored the person who shares his life.

I think Philip yancey homosexuality to Jesus and how offensive he must have found the people he dealt with; yet he treated them with respect, compassion, Philip yancey homosexuality love. I should show love and grace. After all, Jesus had much to say about greed, hypocrisy, pride and lust—sins I struggle with—but did not mention homosexuality.

Do I believe that gay people can be committed Christians?

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