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Smallville lois and clark hook up


Lois was having the most fantastic dream. She and Clark were snuggled up on the couch at the farm. It had started innocent enough, just the two of them, his arm wrapped around her, the heat of his skin searing her through her thin clothes. He brushed his hand across her cheek as he murmured her name. His hand came to rest at the base of her throat and he ran this thumb across the hollow there.

She moaned as his lips touched her hair. Suddenly, the couch lurched. She jumped from her seat in the truck as she was thrown from her dream. You've slept almost the whole way sleepy-head.

The last thing she remembered was leaning up against him, but she was no longer in the middle of the cab, but officially on his side. Her eyes slid over to his "Smallville lois and clark hook up." He had rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt to expose his thickly muscled forearms.

His wrist was draped across the steering wheel and his other elbow rested on the windowsill. He had taken off his glasses, which were now resting on the dashboard.

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