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Sexual interest attitude assessment


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Kristina Byström, authorize psychologist, Sk övde. The photograph has been slightly changed compared to the or iginal. Published article has been reprinted with the permission of the copyrigh t. Sexual interest attitude assessment

ISBN 91 Till alla kvinn or och män som lever med en cancerdiagnos. Sexuality is a sensitive topic in hea lth care and is of ten interpret ed through a. The purpose of this thesis was to describe sexuality and its. Women Sexual interest attitude assessment breast canc er and men with. In this thesis, these two.

Lifew orld, gen der, and sex uality are three concepts of importance in. The EPP-method Empirica l. The lifeworld experiences of those women and men were comparable.

For t he women, this was illustrated through the metaphor of a. For the men it was. Changed body appearance, and feeling old and unat tractive. The findings from the.

The aim of the women was to look healthy and attra ctive and for the. Neither of these two groups. On the other hand, being diagnosed. This opens up existential questions that need to be confirmed in. To s ucceed in this, a change of per spective is required in health.

It should be possible to use human science to the same extent as natural. Sexual interest attitude assessment papers will be referred to in the text by their ro man numerals:.

Sexual identity follow ing breast cancer. Qualitative Studies of Health and Well-being. To fee l like an outsider: European Journal of Cancer Care. Losing the E lixir of Life.

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Talking abou t Sexuality: All published papers are reprinted with permission of the publisher. Social norms and ideals Living with the aftermath of breast and prostate cancer Cancer as a serious life event Lifeworld theory and the lived body Gender, sexuality, and the lived body Sexual identity following breast cancer treatments in. To feel like an outsider: Losing the elixir of life — sexuality in the context of prostate.

Talking abo ut sexuality: Reflective summary of findings Reflective summary of the gendered experiences in study I an d III Reflective summary of the gendered experiences in study II and IV Reflection on the researcher process Sexuality is an important and integral part of being human throughout life.

Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer in women; the sa me. Sexual interest attitude assessment is more common in older age, but. Sexuality as such i s gendered. The understanding of the sex differences. As an oncology nurse with a particular interest in the existent ial. A biomedica l worldview predominat es within health care.

For the majority o f.

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The findings in this thesis can. Both patients and professionals can benefit from having prin ted. The incidence and prevalence of breast cancer are high, an d this is also the. The ca uses of breas t cancer are still unclear. Different risk factors are. Breast cancer treatment reg imens have become more aggressive in the last.

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The highest five-year survival rates in Europe are in the north area. The treatment regimens are similar in most European coun tries and only small. Treatment for recurrent disease can.

For "Sexual interest attitude assessment" living in Europe and North America, prostate cancer is the most. The incidence and prevalence during the three last. Prostate cancer is se ldom detected before the age of This is probably due to increased awareness. The reasons for developing prostate cancer are similar to. Age, ethnicity, and heredity are the most. Unlike breast cancer treatment the standardised regimens for managing.

For men with prostate cancer, factors such as. The forms of medical management are quite similar to those. Sexuality is a complex phenomenon an d research is not confined to one. In this thesis the definition from the WHO.

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World He alth Org anisation is central. Sexuality is a result of the interp lay of biological. However, in sum, our sexuality i s experienced and expressed.


The sexual response cycle was first described by the research team of Masters. They described a series of.

One notable difficulty with self-reported...

Later studies of female sexuality. Instead, new models which take into consideration that in women. At the base of. This centre is influenced by the.

Testosterone is the most important h ormone for males, and. Both sexes have all. The median age to reach menopa use for women in. Europe is 54 years. Geographical changes occur, with the lowest age at.

In Sexual interest attitude assessment America, the age at m enopause is quite. After this period the woman only has a small amount of.

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