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Self liquidating offers definition of democracy


I was recently on a call with a fellow marketer. A self-liquidating offer is something that generates an email opt-in, lead, or purchase, while simultaneously offsetting or completely negating the cost of advertising. Then to drive traffic to the landing page I invested in some advertising on Google or Facebook.

My secondary goal was to pre-sell our premium ecourse which I am on track to official launch this month. If some percentage purchased our ecourse, the cost of advertising would be mitigated.

To what extent or how efficiently I could offset that ad cost remains to be seen. This in turn will either lead to product purchases, marketing projects, or referrals. The most important reason to start with the end in mind by explicitly defining your goal is that it will inform your choices in constructing marketing the campaign.

For instance, my goal here was to build my email listso instead of directly promoting our paid course, I would instead create a landing page with a free offer.

Once that offer was opted-in to, I would redirect the visitor over to our paid offer. In addition, I thought it would also be a strategically wise choice if there was some relevant way to plug our paid offer within the free offer content.

Something like this would be relevant to our core service business as well as to our paid course offering. I started with the free report PDF since that was the foundation. My strategy was to simply deliver on the promise that would be made on the opt-in landing page by giving the reader 5 Self liquidating offers definition of democracy and useful bites of value.

I decided I would do the same. So at the end of the report I created I made sure to include a call to action, but I took it one step further. Taking this into account, combined with the fact that I knew different people had different budgets and interests, I decided to present two call-to-action buttons.

Why use a Self Liquidating...

Each button had a quote next to it:. This gives the reader one of two paths to choose from once they are finished with the report: ThirdI took the links tactic one step further and included links back to our main site Self liquidating offers definition of democracy the footer of each page.

I even found a relevant way to plug our free autoresponder ecourse on doubling your lead generation in 30 days. FinallyI included in the report my name with a headshot to show it was written by a real person, as well as our logo for consistent branding and professionalism.

With the report done, I went ahead and uploaded the file to my Self liquidating offers definition of democracy based hosting on Amazon S3 and created an embeddable form on Wufoo. I kept the form simple: A simple visual que, explanation, and opt-in form will due. The first set of bullet point focus on defining the problem or problem people might be facing with growing their businesses.

What is a Self Liquidating...

The second set explains the solution, or, more accurately, what the reader will get from the report when he or she opts-in. With all the key pieces setup, the last task was to write a bit of code on the paid course landing page so that when someone opted-in via email, not only would they be redirected to the paid course landing page, but the page would detect and acknowledge that they had just opted-in and inform of the next step, then get right into the paid offer.

I picked Facebook to start since I was most familiar with the interface from past marketing campaigns.

I plan on testing with Twitter and LinkedIn Ads in the near future as well although Twitter has proven to be the least effective from a recent campaign I ran there. The process I used for creating my ads was very unscientific because my goal was to get this system setup and running and then tweak it over time for best results.

be viewed as self- liquidating,...

Facebook asked what your goal is for advertising when you begin. With the limited amount of text space I was given for the ad, I wanted to be crystal clear about what was being offered and what the incentive was. So I kept it simple and direct: Download our free report now. If your list is large enough, I highly encourage you to try this option since it saves time and avoids guess work.

A self-liquidating offer is something...

So instead, I selected some key demographics, behaviors, and interests that seems most relevant based on my knowledge of the market. A key choice I made at the end of the process of setting up this first ad campaign on Facebook was to let it Facebook automatically optimize my bids for conversions. When I was finished I hit submit and waited for the ads to be reviewed and approved.

In total the process took about 40 minutes.

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