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Teramind is the best employee monitoring software.

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It offers multiple filtering and monitoring tools, and has both cloud-based and on-premises deployment options, making it a scalable solution that can be "Email monitoring software" by companies of all sizes. It's also one of the few options compatible with that can be used on Macs as well as PCs. This employee monitoring application can be used in silent mode, allowing you Email monitoring software monitor your employees undetected, or in transparent mode, which allows employees to see that they're being tracked.

You can monitor employee activity in real time, rather than providing snapshots that can be reviewed later. In addition to its capable feature set and easy-setup cloud deployment, SentryPC is one of the few companies we reviewed that has no minimum number of licenses you must purchase, making it the best employee monitoring software for very small businesses. SentryPC has tools for filtering and controlling employee access to websites, and you can block specific websites or filter out entire categories, such as adult, gambling or shopping websites.

Teramind records and indexes all...

You can also set times when employees can access otherwise blocked content. For example, you can set it to allow access to shopping and social media sites during the lunch hour. ContentProtect, by Content Watch Holdings, allows you to set access levels by department or work groups, plus you can customize access for individual employees. It offers several reporting methods and has searchable data logs. As a cloud-based solution, it's one of the few options that work on both Mac and PC.

It can also be installed on Android devices, allowing you to manage which apps are installed Email monitoring software company tablets and phones. This content filter allows you to block specific web sites and site categories, such as gaming, gambling or pornography, and an optional notification feature allows Email monitoring software to alert employees if they're attempting to access a forbidden site. Activity Monitor by SoftActivity gives you comprehensive insight into your employees' online activities.

With it, you Email monitoring software view the websites employees visit, the keywords they use to search online and how long they spend on the internet. It also shows files they download, their IM chats and their email communications. Email monitoring software runs in silent mode on your employees' computers and can only be removed or disabled by an administrator. You can generate reports for employee activities based on preset criteria, from very detailed reports that show employees' keystrokes to broader reports that list the top programs your employees use, how long they spend on them, which websites they visit most frequently, how long they spend online and more.

You can also use it to track your employees' attendance, with dates, and log-in and log-out times recorded. The program takes screenshots, and you can set it to snap them based on specific user actions, such as when a certain program or web page is opened, or at timed intervals. If you primarily want to prevent your employees from excessive web surfing or viewing inappropriate content in the workplace, content filtering software is a good choice.

If you want insight into employees' online activities, internet management software can track how much time employees spend online and which sites they visit. It also records their keystrokes for online searches, IM chats and emails. If you want a more comprehensive solution, consider employee monitoring software. These applications limit file access and sharing, track productivity and monitor employee activities in real time.

Read more about them below, along with our advice about the features to look for as you choose employee monitoring software for your business, how much you can expect to pay and tips to help you get a good deal.

Below are all of our reviews for employee monitoring software and related categories. Our coverage also includes reviews of the best internet management software and small business content filters. Email monitoring software all of our reviews below. Most employee monitoring software companies charge an annual license for each user. Some offer perpetual Email monitoring software, which include updates for the year usually including one major upgrade with the option to purchase annual maintenance plans thereafter for subsequent upgrades.

Only Email monitoring software few of the companies we reviewed offer their software as a cloud-based service SaaSand charge a monthly fee. Some companies give you the option of purchasing annual licenses if you host the software yourself.

Most employee monitoring software companies are transparent with their pricing, posting rates on their websites. However, if you have a large number of users, many companies encourage you to speak with a sales representative for custom pricing. Look for the following discounts as you compare costs:.

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