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1d sexually frustrated louis


Louis laughs nervously while running a finger through his wet hair. Louis watches you dumbly as you ready yourself to get in the pool, jaw still slack. As you walk into the center of the room and bend over to stretch your legs, Niall glances at you. Once he does, his face turns red at the dirty thoughts circling his mind. You stand to jog in place. He blinks a few times before standing a stretching.

You laugh as you grab your water bottle. Ever since you started dating Liam, he always bought you the sexiest lingerie he could find.

Not just for your enjoyment, but for his, too. Nevertheless, you put on the lingerie and walk into the kitchen where Liam is probably sneaking chocolate. The extra cushion in the bra makes your breast go up and down. Liam will love that. Liam drops his brownie on the ground in favor of staring at your body. But I am curious to know who put it there. A hormone-raging scary movie. Zayn likes watching scary movies with you - truth.

But this night, he picks out a particularly sexual scary movie 1d sexually frustrated louis a bunch of 1d sexually frustrated louis people in it.

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You watch with a displeased frown on your face the whole time. Meanwhile, Zayn just grins at the movie. During a racy scene, he wraps his arm around your shoulder and pulls you closer.

You shudder and pull back a little. You pull away once again, making Zayn pout. You pull your hair back into a high ponytail, cleanse your face, and wear nothing but a white loose tank top, black soffee shorts, and nothing underneath.

You plop on the couch next to him and grab the remote, trying to gain his attention. He starts to protest, but stops short. His eyes get big and round when he sees your lips.

You try not to smirk while you change the channel to something of your liking. A groan erupts from his throat as he bumps his head against your shoulder. His eyes flutter close in 1d sexually frustrated louis to press his whole face into your skin.

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