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Man sexually attracted to shoes


William Rossi who has been writing scientific papers on shoes for decades. I have no idea whether these figures are or were accurate, but there is little doubt that when it comes to sexual fetishismshoes — and particularly high heel shoes — are one of the most common types of object that people develop fetishes for.

As I noted in my previous blog on foot fetishism i. The Wikipedia entry on shoe fetishism also notes that:. In a previous blog on sexual fetishism more generally, I wrote about a study led by Dr G. Scorolli on the relative prevalence of different fetishes using online fetish forum data.

Individuals with a shoe fetish...

Their results showed that there were 44, members Man sexually attracted to shoes online fetish forums, among those people preferring objects related to body parts, footwear shoes, boots, etc. As the opening quotes highlight, high heeled footwear is often associated with sexiness. Those that find allure of high heels sexually arousing are said to have altocalciphilia a sub-type of shoe fetishism. In relation to high heel shoes, Sancaktar wrote that:.

According to legend, early s the high heel may have been invented by Leonardo da Vinci There are earlier records of high heel shoes that served a practical function such as heeled boots horse riders wore to grip their stirrups better.

However, was the year that gave birth to the high heel that served no purpose other than beauty and vanity. Catherine de Man sexually attracted to shoes, when she got married to the Duke of Orleans, wore shoes with two-inch heels "Man sexually attracted to shoes" she was sensitive about her lack of height…The development of a proper heel with an arched sole was the dominant feature of shoes in the seventeenth century.

Elevated shoes had been known from early Hellenic times however this phase of fashion was the first time shoes were associated with the female sex. It completely altered the posture of the wearer, encouraging both men and women to carry themselves in a way which set off the flowing lines and affected manner of the Baroque period…Practicality has little to do with female high heels. Sancaktar reported that Sacher-Masoch] wrote about his experiences with his mistress in which he allowed her to whip and walk on him before kissing the shoes that had caused him pain.

Psychologically, high heels give permission to lead than to follow. A woman might become a towering seductress or she can choose to become the subject of the object of a male…According to [Valerie] Steele, one reason high heels are considered sexy is because they produce an erect ankle and extended leg.

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The arch of the foot is radically curved like a ballet dancer on point. The entire lower body is thrown into a state of tension resembling that of female sexual arousal Steelep. By tilting the pelvis, her lower back arches, her spine and legs lengthen and her chest thrust out.

According to the study, men...

A woman in high heels looks taller and thinner. Her legs are emphasized and the leg muscles tighten, the calves appear shapelier. Valerie Steele also notes that fetishes come in various degrees which I agree with and uses the example of high heeled shoe fetishes to make her point and claims there are four different levels. She claims most people Man sexually attracted to shoes among the two lowest levels and basically equates to people finding high heels sexually appealing.

Steele provides an example of someone at level three a French writer who would follow high heeled women women in Paris. This need to steal shoes appears to be backed up by podophilia and retifism articles on the ToeSlayer website:.

Kiernanreported in Rossi, first described the term kleptomania which was used "Man sexually attracted to shoes" theft took place when associated with sexual excitement. Many hephephiliacs are ordinary people with no criminal intention other than a compulsion to possess the object of their desire due to a repressed or complicated sex life…Many retifists keep copious records of their activities all of which adds to their excitement…It is important exploring also the symbolism and fetishism of high heels.

The same author presumably a podophile himself in a different article on the same website then explained:.

Subconsciously this may relate to a primal instinct to identify lame prey. Throughout recorded history limping in others has been seen both as a physical weakness as well as a sexually attractive impediment.

Wearing high heeled shoes can accentuate the limping characteristics in a very tantalising way…High heels are also thought to place the female pelvis in a precoital position.

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