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Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction


Sex is the physical union of a man and woman through intercourse. It is a physical pleasure experienced in the bodies of married lovers and it is simply wonderful.

Full knowledge and appreciation of it makes marriage more fulfilling. The sexual relationship is a very pleasurable one and it should bring a great deal of enjoyment to the marriage. Sexual role in marriage cannot be over-emphasised. God created humanity as sexual beings. Sex is a universal need and desire and it is Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction established fact that there is no substitute for decent sex in marriage.

So today we are going to consider some common areas of sexual contention in marriage and how to avoid them. However, the caution here is that if and when these common areas are not carefully considered with great alertness, they may eventually lead either of the spouses into temptation, infidelity and total collapse of the union.

One … Lack of frequency. Sex between married couples should be as often as possible, not when it is convenient for Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction spouse.

Married partners should joyfully make each other available for their spouses and not do so grudgingly. Some couples especially those raised from a sex-bias background have very funny feelings about sex. They are afraid that frequent, passionate and pleasurable sexual engagement with their partners may lead either of them into infidelity.

Contrary to this opinion, however, sex by design, and all things being equal, should increase the intimacy in the union. Sex is gratifying to the marriage relationship and never a minus. Try and have a wholesome one tonight with your spouse and see how nourished your soul and spirit will be. Two … Lack of good sexual information. Couples should understand that sex is a chemistry that exhibits chains of reactions due to Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction. Wife, please never forget the fact that when a husband is sexually satisfied, he is happy, deeply fulfilled and can go to any length to care, protect, and provide for his wife.

The physical tie between a man and his wife through sex is much stronger than any other physical bond imaginable. If the wife feels indifferent about it which is usually the casethe husband should ask her why and then he should look for a way of making it more pleasurable so that she will be the one who will in turn start panting for it. Three … Habouring guilt from past negative sexual history.

I tell wives, if you do not like sex, please do not Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction married.

If you will be pinchpenny with sex, do not get married. If you are going to be using sex as a weapon of punishment or ATM, do not get married because you will eventually use this same attitude to kill the very essence of your marriage.

Husbands should realise that their wives are not sexual puppets that should be available only when they want to release their sexual tensions. Both man and woman have equal sexual needs, desire, libido and cravings. Wives are not sexual reservoirs, but bona fide species of humanity created to receive and demand sex from their husbands at will.

Spouses should re-examine their work schedule and the amount of time allocated Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction office or business work and make time available for their partners sexually.

Carrying office workload to the bedroom is not a taboo but if it can Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction stopped, it will enhance more intimacy and closeness and reduce unnecessary tension and fights. Spouses should try not to sleep off immediately after eating or if either of the partners is really tired, other options for sex should be made.

Sex can come first thing in the morning before going to work. Five … Distraction is another area of sexual contention. Researchers have established that the subtle stealer of love and attention in many marriages is just the social media. Spending too much time with the social media devices is not healthy for marriage relationships. Hospitality is not when the husband and wife are chatting with every other person in the house, depriving the couple quality sexual time together.

If you must be hospitable, you have to do such with discretion. When couples do not create a healthy boundary in their homes especially the bedroom, it may lead to sexual conflict in the relationship. Not making the bedroom a restricted area for visitors and the in-laws can be a big problem. Six … When partners ignore privacy. Naturally, Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction hardly get disturbed while having sex.

They tend to enjoy themselves with or without noise of any kind. This, perhaps, explains why they could easily rape the female gender. Women are more likely to be distracted than men are. For instance, a woman can be distracted during lovemaking by the cry of a baby, or the smell of a burnt food or the sound of downpour or the fear of another baby or the thought of a sick mother.

These distractions make it difficult for most wives to keep their minds on track and to poorly participate in the act which many husbands are bitterly complaining about. Seven … Not recognising hostile attitude and preventing them.

Constant display of excessive annoyance, intolerance behaviour, animosity, bad temper, violent reactions or intense dislike does not only lead to contention but ultimately destroys the sex bed. Eight … Inability to notice and control unromantic circumstances.

When a husband or wife deliberately gets out of shape and sees nothing bad in excessive weight, it may lead to the other fellow Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction to be interested in sex. Or passing out excessive, uncontrollable gas in an unconventional manner could be displeasing to either of the partners. Nine … Not recognising some intimidating past sexual experience and allowing such experience to dominate the sex bed.

Many times, married partners face rejection, Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction harsh comments, sexual subjection, disdain reactions, deliberate refusal to put to practise what other partner would love to have during sex or would love to see happen during sex. And when these become issues, many spouses totally refuse to want to have sex again with their spouse or pick up quarrels each time sex is to be expected. Whenever any partner uses sex as an instrument of strive or punishment, there is always a sorrowful ending.

Ten … One major area that leads Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction sexual contention in marriage is when either of the spouses deliberately constantly criticises things that can never be changed in their partners. If your spouse is an albino or very dark skinned and all you do is re-emphasising the complexion in a disdain manner, this seemingly a joking matter is one major area of sexual conflict and such destroys the sex bed.

Eleven … Selfishness and self-centeredness when a spouse practises sexual monopoly and control. When I say monopoly, I mean a situation when a partner has sole possession of sexual favours and holding the other person hostage or to ransom.

Little attention has been given...

Practising sexual monopoly makes you put sexual favours beyond the reach of your client; it can either be the wife or the husband. I always tell married partners that every disadvantage of monopoly applies to sex in marriage. Please you must go out of your way to sexually please your spouse because you are the only one divinely appointed to sexually satisfy your spouse. Twelves … Lastly learn how Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction warm up to changes.

If you don't actively appreciate...

Let your first major priority be on how to give your spouse the best satisfying experience. Our sexual life is still very clumsy, especially when it comes to changing positions and all that.

I am Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction as interested as I used to be. Is there something we are not doing right? One of the challenges that married men must surmount is to decide on what positions to use when engaging in penetrative sex with their spouse.

So, the question becomes important: What are the best sexual positions? To adequately answer these questions, let us first consider the top five mistakes most men make with sexual positions.

But, you might cry, isn't...

It is these mistakes that make sex clumsy. Imitating anything seen in a porn movie. This is probably the biggest reason that many husbands fail with sexual positions. Inexperienced husbands think porn is a good model because they see how a lady and a man go about manipulating positions. Most times, the actors are in severe unexplainable pains.

When one partner's past includes...

In fact, one of the worst positions for clitoral and vaginal stimulation is when the woman puts her ankles on your shoulders. With her pelvis bent back that far, she can feel pain in her cervix if you push in too far. Trying too hard to keep your weight off the woman, in any position.

Learn about the many reasons...

To a woman, sex is a way to get closer to her husband. She loves it when Unromantic wife sexual dysfunction leans on the underside of her thighs. For virtually every woman, sex is mostly a passive activity. So, by being the motionless male, you destroy the whole purpose of sex for her. An old standby like the missionary man on top, woman lying on her back can be the best sexual position; risky positions are just frustrating for everybody and often kill the mood.

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