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Sierra boggess sexy


Who is the best Christine, "Sierra boggess sexy" best Raoul and the best Phantom? Oct 25, Personally, I'm all for Sierra Boggess as Christine she's got the looks, acting ability and voiceRamin Karimloo looks, acting ability and voiceand Hadley Fraser as Raoul yes, looks, acting ability and voice. What do you guys think? That's Sierra boggess sexy what I was going to say. Ramin's got the aching voice and the presence that the Phantom needs. Sierra's got the almost I guess it's not really innocence, but that's the best I could come up with.

And Hadley's got the strength for Raoul, the emotional strength, the vocal strength Raoul just cannot be wimpy. So glad you agree! And Ramin and Sierra almost made me cry at the end hehehebut they do bring a lot of emotion to Phantom, in my opinion. Oct 26, I do love Anna too, her voice is very powerful and polished. In my opinion, Micheal Ball has a good voice, but not the emotion or acting.

Sarah Brightman sings amazingly, but I prefer Sierra and besides Sarah doesn't really act. No offense to your opinion intended. No one liked the movie? Because Emmy Rossum was pretty amazing as Christine in that, and Patrick Wilson, however strange looking his appearance was, was a great Raoul. I've only seen the play once live, and it was an off-Broadway production by a Chicago theatre troupe.

I think the actress who played her was Julia Udine, and she was pretty fantastic. Everyone Sierra boggess sexy own opinions! And I mainly agree with you ;D Sarah: Emmy Rossum is a pretty girl and quite a Sierra boggess sexy actress and singer, but she appeared to be a doe-eyed teenage pop singer.

She IS or was in a doe-eyed teenage pop singer. That's not a bad thing. But Christine is a bright, fantastic young opera singer.

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Emmy has a distinctive, nice voice, Sierra boggess sexy it's not at all operatic, nor is it pure. She sounds a lot older than she is, while she looks even younger than she is. A seventeen year old could play a twentysomething if she looks like at least her age.

But Emmy looked fifteen back then. And sounded old, but still unexperienced. Sierra boggess sexy has to sound experienced at a young age! While she's ncie for today's pop standart, she would have never been accepted in an opera! Also, Patrick Wilson was a little boring, but a decent Raoul. As for Gerard Butler I think he's not hot at all.

I see that many women are attracted to him, I think he's boring and rather wannabe-hot. Even if he's hot.

Because the Phantom is NOT hot. At least not in a open-shirted, cute and not Sierra boggess sexy all deformed! Also, his singing was horrible, his acting was boring. I don't hatebut it's one of the weakest productions of all time! Oct 27, Chiara, I agree with you completely about the movie.

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I do like it, but that's as far as it goes. Emmy was only sixteen when she played Christine so we can't really compare her Sierra boggess sexy Sierra or Sarah, who are all older than she is. However, I'm not completely against her, she came across quite weak but was sweet. And I can't say how right I think you are about Emmy and her portrayal of Christine. We need a strong, fantastic Christine who's believable, and Emmy wasn't.

Patrick was boring as Raoul and his acting was weak, and I hated that "Sierra boggess sexy" hair, hahaha. They make him into some outrageous sexual symbol when that's the totally wrong portrayal. Quite right, Chiara, I didn't hate but it was one of the weakest productions of Phantom of all time, so I totally agree with you.

I'm not against Emmy, too. I just think she s wrong as Christine. I thought Patrick was boring, too. Not bad, but boring. The first thing is that the Phantom is not supposed to be "hot". The next thing is Gerard Butler seems to appear good looking to most women.

But he is not at all attractive. In my opinion, a not handsome, but attactive man is more suitable for the Phantom than a pretty but totally boring boy, like Gerard. So, I absolutely agree with you, at any point! Oct 28, Yes, I agree about Gerald. Sierra boggess sexy he's a handsome guy in 'real life' outside Phantomand I don't think he is but anyway, then they shouldn't try keep Sierra boggess sexy looks when he's playing Phantom.

Make the guy ugly, as ugly as you can get, and allow him to portray the person he's supposed to portray. He Sierra boggess sexy be hot outside of the movie, but don't keep him hot during the movie.

What do you think of Sarah Brightman's portrayal of Christine? I think Sarah is overrated and underrated at once. She does have or rather, had! She wanted to play more subtle, but was told to overact, to make it look more Victorian. It isn't her fault, except that she should went her own way.

But she had noone to look up to, to model after, so she relied on the director, etc. Totally agree with you. In my opinion, she doesn't act well but like you said, she had no one to sort of 'learn from', so I guess she did well for then and there.

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However, I don't particularly like her voice, it sounds a bit "chalky" to me. Yes, her voice is very strong and all that but she's not the best Christine, certainly not, and when some people rave about her, I'm still not convinced.

She has a very distinctive "opera" voice, and I'm not overly fond of that. So I do have Sierra boggess sexy respect for her of course despite the fact I don't really like her. The irony is, Lloyd Webber wrote the part of Christine in the musical specifically for her, suited to Sierra boggess sexy style, etc. But Sierra's better as Christine, in my opinion, hehehe! Actually, arah s voice is not very operatic. Sierra Boggess has a far more operatic voice.

Sarah is way more contemporary. But she is still able to sound slightly operatic. Sierra Boggess and Rebecca Caine are in my opinion the most operatic Christines. But Anna O'Byrne is quite operatic too. "Sierra boggess sexy" 29, Yeah, I suppose I can see that or actually hear it!

Sarah's voice is really classified as classical crossover, but she can do contemporary like you said, and even pop. She has a very polished voice, no question about it, and I guess I prefer the more "sweet" voice, like Sierra's, or perhaps even Anna. Sarah sometimes seems too perfect and polished for me, why that's a problem for me I don't know but it just isn't the kind of voice i like. One of the many things I admire about Sierra is her voice is very clear and bell-like, she is really a beautiful soprano.

Her Christine has so much strength, beauty and energy, and lots of emotion.

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I can't say enough about her, she's just lovely, and in interviews she comes across so normal and down-to-earth. I haven't really heard much of Rebecca or Claire, but I do like Anna.

Anna makes Christine quite innocent, I think. Yes, Sierra is indeed a very beautiful soprano. From Sierra Boggess' tooth trauma to Ramin Karimloo's bizarro the Graceland stud appeared in a sexy photo spread in the new issue of. This Pin was discovered by Julia Rollinson. Discover (and save!) your own Pins Sierra boggess sexy Pinterest. Personally, I'm all for Sierra Boggess as Christine (she's got the looks, acting .

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