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Evanescence paper flowers


Play "Imaginary" on Amazon Music. I remember I read somewhere a few years ago that this song was about Amy's bedroom at home.


It was where she ran to in hard times to be alone. I think it describes the scenery of her room, "field of paper flowers" wallpaper? Or that someone told her they were right when in reality she thought they were the ones out of touch, or wrong. She knows what lies beyond her sleeping refuge, beyond her walls she puts around her, beyond the walls of her bedroom, the walls Evanescence paper flowers her world.

She built her own world to escape, meaning that she imagined ha hence the title "Imaginary" a world of her own, a better world.

She wanted to stay in her room and dream, imagine the world being a better place. I think it is juss about her being Evanescence paper flowers her own world.

A dream world and that's her escape and she wants that when she needs to get away from things.

Lyrics to "Imaginary" song by...

I "Evanescence paper flowers" my own escape. Im homschooled and always very lonely, even with my family right there. I often dwell in my books and the friends the characters make, I can preted they are my friends too. I live in my books and what I write beacause it gives me hope that at my loneliest I can meet new people. This is why I love this song so much because it makes me feel like I'm not alone in the world and everyone has these escape routes to there own worlds.

I often daydream and dream these worlds of adventure, romance and awsome action Evanescence paper flowers.

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I think it's about someone who created a world in her dreams to get away from her life. I hope this is helpful and Bye.

She is troubled and sick of reality, so she goes to her room and makes her own reality! There is a pretty obvious allusion to V. Andrews's popular novel "Flowers in the Attic.

Imaginary Lyrics: (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, paper flowers)...

By reading this novel, the discoveries about the purple flowers and such are made. The two younger siblings made a paper garden upstairs, and that was everyone's escape.

It has incest, so be prepared when reading it. And if you manage to read the entire series-which I recommend, it is twisted in a way that is hard to even explain.

Hate to break it to everyone, but this song is about a young girl who is being sexually abused. She has no refuge from her home life, and her only escape is her rich fantasy life she escapes from to cope with the misery and ugly world she is too young to physically remove herself from.

Nobody hears her cries for help about the rape that she's subjected to at night, and she's isolated in such a profoundly sad way. She lies inside herself for hours, in shock and reeling from the pain, both emotionally and physically she suffers. Her only means of survival is to release herself into her imagination, where things are beautiful and she can live freely and happily.

She comforts her broken spirit by imagining a perfect world that He cannot ever touch. She maintains her childlike innocence through her perfect inner world, even through the chaos that her father brings. She pretends to sleep when he comes for her at night, and tries her best to sleep through it.

She clings to her escape world with everything she has. The world is full of hideous things and this song is full of hope. I think the song Imaginary is about how everyone has a world all their own to escape the world we live in. How even though it may seem as though we're out of touch and linger in our own world too long it's a place we can go to when things are a little too much to take or complicated. She's smacked Evanescence paper flowers her head in her bedroom because she can't stand reality.

I do believe "Evanescence paper flowers" is reffering to her own world, Evanescence paper flowers world of Evanescence paper flowers. We all have a retreat, and because she Evanescence paper flowers an artist, it is reasonable to believe she has ctreated her own world as a retreat.

It is her paradise, her home, her dream. I do believe it's a place where she can finally be herself, and a place where she can be at peace. Her imagination, her mind. Whether it be imaginary or not, it's real in her heart.

We all have a refugee, and I do believe this is hers. I think this means that she sees the danger in this world ie Rape, Drugs, Ect. She only see the bad things. So she makes her own "Imangary" world, where she is safe from everything. That's just what I'm getting from this song. This song is about escaping reality and creating your own. In my field of paper flowers And candy clouds of lullaby I lie inside myself for hours And watch my purple sky fly over Evanescence paper flowers Obviously describing her fantasy world--this differs for everyone.

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming The goddess of imaginary light Something is keeping her from going back to her field of paper flowers maybe meds.

This song is clearly about escaping the cruel realities of the world into a world of your own where everything Evanescence paper flowers safe and free from chaos unlike the reality. Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. What does Imaginary mean? Happy Songs Sleeping Dreaming and Dreams [suggest].

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Close To Me Ellie Goulding. Dear Drunk Me Chad Brownlee. \\EVANESCENCE\\. Imaginary. Paper flowers.

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