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Misleading photos dating sites


Discussion in ' EtcetEra ' started by gozuJan 25, Are misleading angles, old photos and photoshops equally unethical? There's taking a pic from your "good side", and then there's not. I imagine folks try to get the most favorable look, and go with that.

Are they using the wrong...

I don't mind people using old pictures because I do too. I'm not in college anymore, so I rarely ever take photos or have photos taken of me. I only take photos around holidays and those are all large group pictures.

How did you end up on so many dates with people like that? And I agree that it's a little hypocritical to touch up your eyes, but it's also wrong for your dates to look vastly different than your photos. Let people who are attracted to you as you are come.

And OP, your attitude is a bit poor, but I appreciate that you seem receptive to feedback. Photoshopping and old photos are the worst offense. I've only gone out with one person Misleading photos dating sites used old photos and they were much heavier than they were in the photos. I didn't say anything but I was displeased, so I understand where you are coming from there.

Photoshopping you can do all kinds of stuff with and if you Misleading photos dating sites the skills you can transform yourself into something else. I don't feel the same way about snapchat filters.

I try to take the best pictures possible of myself, but are still representative of me.

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