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Hyunseung and hyuna dating 2019


However, many netizens are still reacting coldly to his and HyunA's relationship. On September 8, some netizens even began spreading a malicious, "deciphered" version of E'Dawn's letter.

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I'm disappointed that I will not be able to keep my promise of greeting you on stage I will cheer for the Hyunseung and hyuna dating 2019 we created with honesty and for my members I'll be resting while getting paid in royalties.

At first, I suspected that you would hate me, and worried that maybe some of you were hurt, and I had Hyunseung and hyuna dating 2019 time of reflecting on all kinds of thoughts. Regardless of what fans thought of me, I still wanted to tell the world that I was dating a queen. My blind fans, pressure them some more. I'm not sure how and in what format we'll be able to meet again next time, but until then, please don't be sick, and I'll do well while praying that only good things will happen to you.

Reading the "deciphered" version of E'Dawn's letter, netizens are further adding on to the issue by comparing E'Dawn to Hyunseung before his departure from B2STa similar "decipher" letter which spread online during EXO member Baekhyun 's dating news, etc.

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Log in to comment. Upvote if you think more people should see this post! Posted by beansss Saturday, September 8, I'll just enjoy my love life until then. Some netizens also claimed that "E'Dawn changed his nickname on Pentagon's official fan cafe to the name of HyunA's manager"Oh Sung-hyung. Meanwhile, Pentagon will be making a comeback as an 8-member group on September HyunA also "Hyunseung and hyuna dating 2019" on making her solo comeback, although her exact comeback time frame has yet to be announced.

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