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Gold glove and femsteph dating


So this is all about Goldy text flirting with a girl about a year ago when they were going through a rough patch?

What kinda dumbshit is this? I don't even think Goldy did this for attention, I just think he's retarded at this point. This could have been a thing that blew over privately within like a day but he decided to tweet the world to "come clean. Coming clean is overrated, especially when you do it to parties not involved.

Let them speculate, let them post all these crazy theories. In a alternate universe, he could've handled this behind closed doors, NOT tell the whole internet, and go about his day. Thats not what made them famous, thats what secured their early fortune. The sex tape is what made them famous. Too bad the pitchforks were gathered already. While the other two posts are highly upvoted on the front page, I doubt this one will get anywhere close because people only care if there Gold glove and femsteph dating actually drama, and not the truth.

Did you see the EDC photos? No wonder homie was insecure and felt the need to confess "Gold glove and femsteph dating" shit.

Gold glove and femsteph dating men in a well committed relationship would've felt some type of way about their significant other going to EDC wearing that.

I aint speculating shit or sayin she did shit, Idgaf just saying, most men wouldn't be comfortable with their gf or wife going to EDC alone, let alone wearing that. Well he could have went too, but he seems like the type of guy who's scared of what a beer might do to him. I've been watching Twitch for 5 years and have never heard of these people. Makes sense cause they seem ResidentSleeper from the vods.

I think people Gold glove and femsteph dating general are WAY overreacting to this situation. He got in his own head and did something stupid with good intentions. Did they break up or are they still together or is this gonna turn out like dinglederper and phantom lord. This is what I read. They're streamers who chose to be personable with their audience. So nope, not to them. It may be now that they learned the hard way.

I take it you have never been in a real relationship before. You can forgive someone for pretty much anything, it is up to the two people involved on how much they care. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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