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Barstarzz calisthenics professionals dating


Bodyweight training has made a huge comeback over the past few years. Enter calisthenics, the latest fitness movement to take over Instagram. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines calisthenics as: The word comes from the Greek terms kalos beautiful and sthenos strength.

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When talking about the calisthenics workout craze, the human flag exercise is perhaps the first image that comes to mind. This visually-impressive move requires a huge amount of sheer strength, control and stability — and we bet your favourite bodybuilder can't even come close to performing it. If you want to get in on the action, here are 10 street workout and calisthenics Instagram accounts you need to follow.

Don't be surprised if you decide to ditch your gym membership after reading this. And gives people relationship envy. When you don't train with weights, just use the bodies of other people as weights!


There are now official Barstarzz parks in NYC. Follow Barstarzz on Instagram and be prepared to feel the pull of the community spirit the brand is built on. Just look at all those acrobatics. And it's pretty inspiring to know that the project has "Barstarzz calisthenics professionals dating" people to overcome harsh living conditions and become top athletes.

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Don't be confused by the name of the account. Brandon Carter is a self-proclaimed failed musician and successful fitness author. He'll make you want to perfect your plyometric, handstand push-up. Calisthenic Movement is a calisthenics crew from Germany "Barstarzz calisthenics professionals dating" will teach you how to build a crazy six-pack without doing a single crunch.

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