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Parsi cremation in bangalore dating


The prophet Zarathushtra insisted on a reverence for all elements. None of them is to be defiled. A corpse is considered impure not just physically on account of infection and decay, but also because it is swiftly colonised by evil spirits.

Therefore, cremation and burial on land or sea are unacceptable. However, in places where no dakhmas were possible — Delhi and the Diaspora Parsi cremation in bangalore dating example — the dead are interred in community plots in Christian cemeteries. Keeping aside the macabre imagery, this system of exposure known as dokhmenashini is swift and ecologically sound.

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Dokhmenashini originated in ancient Persia, the homeland which the Parsis fled, circa AD, to protect their ancient faith from an emerging Islam. But the towers are now far from silent. But it precipitated thanks to the livestock version of the drug Diclofenacdeveloped in the early s.

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