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Prison break 4x22 latino dating


May 16, 14 Comments. The show needed to end because a lot of us had become tired of how absurd the show was getting.

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If I was honest, the show should have ended after season two or maybe one. As suspected, the mysterious Paul was Kellerman and he gave Michael and co. Hand Scylla over to him and The UN and he and the others will get thier freedom.

The show goes four years into the future to see what are characters are like now. When Sara and Michael were on the beach and his nose was bleeding, it was obvious what the future had for him. It was a sad ending but there are questions to be asked. How did Michael die? Did he die from his illness or was he killed?


It will apparently fill in the gap between the four years passed. While it still entertained and gave us surprise twists.

It never recaptured that quality that drew me to the show in the first place. Quote of the episode: It was good to see happy endings for all our characters, well most of them. I really hope there is, coz i admit i am big fan.

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