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Essential guy code rules on dating


The modern man was therefore forced to create rules that would govern how he associates with his boys. The following are 10 Bro codes that every man should adhere to. If a woman comes in between them, they drop her since Bromance is considered to be a lot more important than a hoe. A bro shall honor his father, mother, siblings, wife and kids.

I hate rules. To Having...

This code dictates that a man must "Essential guy code rules on dating" hard to provide for his family and protect those dear to him with his life. The pack therefore allows a bro to spend quality time with family. If a bro asks you to keep a secret, you take it to the grave, no exceptions! Bros shall never reveal their bro-code rules to any lady. If a bro is out of employment the other bros should pull strings to get him another gig. Never make your bro look bad especially in front of a lady he is targeting.

And when you help out a bro, nobody outside the pack should ever get to hear of it. This code is clear about forbidding inbreeding. Dating cousins is allowable, but the bro is obligated to treat her with great respect and never reveal graphical details of their sexual encounters. When a bro tasks you to being his wingman for the night, you must drop all your initial plans and report for this divine duty.

When a bro sells-out it shall be pointed out point blank. Out in the world you may be hold a very powerful position but when it comes to your bros that will never stop them from reproaching you when you lose touch with reality. Bros shall forever remind you of your beliefs, priorities in life and principles should you deviate from them.

When a bro gets into a bar fight the other bros shall step in to protect him even if Essential guy code rules on dating will have to lose a tooth in the process. Bros never abandon one of their own in times of trouble. If he is too intoxicated to think straight, you shall restrain him from hitting the sack with her. And if an inebriated bro attempts to call or text his ex-girlfriend, you shall confiscate his phone only to give it back when he is sober.

A bro shall never share a bed with another man unless there is absolutely no other option.

I. No dating your friend's...

When a bro is forced to spend the night lying on the same bed with another man, both shall sleep with all clothes on shoes and Essential guy code rules on dating too. A buffer zone shall be created between the two, with both parties sleeping while facing opposite sides of the bed. Under no circumstances shall a bro touch the other all through the night.

Never should a bro eat a banana while staring into the eyes of his bro! A bro is only allowed to hold hands, waists and have his six-pack stroked by the X-X chromosome. Should a dude try any of the above to a bro, he will be eligible for a sucker punch. Doing the above may get you ex-communicated from the pack.

The unspoken guy code rules,...

Lastly, never call or text your bros around midnight unless you have a life threatening emergency. I think you could have found a better word than hoes? So is his female boss a hoe?


You are obviously a hoe. And you know it…. A hoe comments on an article by a bro for bros living the bro-life. Which is interestingly ironic seeing as its quite homophobic too. Most of it is true. This is the code my boys and I lived with during high school.

Do me a "Essential guy code rules on dating" duty and click http: Aaaand for all those who dont know and are complaining bros over hoes is a long time saying and its not to offend but to get Essential guy code rules on dating point across… and weeell it rhymes too.: Professional, to the point, educative and drags the lingo with it. N to avoid any stress as they study,bros should visit https: Your email address will not be published.

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I am sorry these people are insulting you about your opinion. We shud call em the 10 guy commandments.

The day I take advice from some broke wannabe joker still in campus…please shoot me This is the code my boys and I lived with during high school. Siku hizi wanaume wako na umama mingi sana and they dont follow codes…slay kings i say! I know its al little late but all of this is true. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc to cancel. And because good advice never goes out of style, here are 99 rules for men to live by: 1. Measure yourself Never date an ex of your friend. If riding the People get tired of you being the funny, drunk guy. When in. This is by far the most important rule of the man laws and must be obeyed.