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Jahan yousaf and yasmine yousaf dating


This post was originally published on our partner website: They lived in a Meatpacking district loft when they first created the group.

Jahan and Kris belonged to the same circle of friends in high school and were both passionate about music, they eventually brought in Yasmine from her indie band to form Krewella in Unlike some EDM acts, Krewella is known for raging with their fans at concerts.

The sweatier and grimier the concert, the better the experience, they said. Ideally, Krewella would like to come out of a concert drenched which typically happens.

Jahan and Yasmine are Pakistani...

It could obviously mean something sexual. Getting wet, jumping in. Krewella will drop versions of their songs with no vocals, so they can rage while singing live. At the Ultra Music Festival inKrewella played for an hour and sang 13 songs live, a seriously impressive feat. If you follow their TumblrYouTube channelInstagramFacebook or Twitter you know this group constantly shows love to its Krew around the world.