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Michael enjoys expressing himself and his feelings and opinions.

He is continuously called a "fat ginger" due to his red hair and freckles. Michael usually goes into fits of rage over this.

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He has even stated he doesn't care what they say and will continue to make videos whenever and however he wants to and if he feels like doing so. Michael also said he is proud of his hair and being a "ginger". However, people have claimed he must not be too proud and is a "hypocrite" as he has complained about people constantly calling him a ginger, which he has a severe dislike for and is one of his pet peeves; however, he still refers to himself as one.

He also expressed his belief that the reason for so many recent wars is due to violent video games, such as Call of DutyRageand Batman. However, shortly thereafter, Michael was seen playing his favorite game RuneScape, Dating profile copper cab pokemon had characters attacking each other in battle.

As well, Michael is accused of being a hypocrite for claiming to be a Christiab and then saying he is proud of his hair and has said in one episode of Hollywood Hillbillies that he is lucky.

When he loses his temper and screams loudly, Michael usually spits at the camera by accident. People have criticized Michael for this and post sarcastic comments on his videos, such as feeling "remorse" for the camera and being afraid of Michael trying to "eat" the camera during his rants. As Dating profile copper cab pokemon, they claim to feel bad for his dogs as when they bark, he occasionally shouts at them to be quiet.

When he does, they usually keep barking at things as they are zoned out, so Michael simply ignores them. Another one of his habits is almost always licking his lips especially whenever he would ragebut this could be a nervous reaction.

Sometimes, Michael doesn't seem to blink his eyes. His well-known condition is that his eyes would occasionally roll or make him appear cross-eyed. However, only one came and the other one did not.

Dating profile copper cab pokemon IshatOnU also said he really likes Michael and was just trolling him and confirms they have stopped fighting and became friends, ending their rivalry. Michael has a deep hatred for South Park due to the creators criticizing and making fun of people, especially redheads whom they have also made evil when Michael said that the South Park people were the true evil ones.

This made Michael all-the-more determined to put an end to the mockery and hatred against redheads. However, Michael ended up messing up on a certain move, making him exclaim in exasperation, "God!

In the same video, Michael said that his favorite hobbies are horseback riding, "shark back riding", mountain climbing, skydiving, drawing, and sometimes playing ping-pong.