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Dating valentines postcards


We use cookies to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website. By continuing your visit on the website, you consent to the use of cookies. You can deactivate cookies by changing the preferences on your website browser. What could be more Dating valentines postcards than hunting for valentines? Antiques and collectibles expert, Terry Kovel, answers five questions to help get a new collector started.

What makes a valentine valuable? The most valuable valentines have clever sentiment and designs—they are pretty or unique. Collectors also look for valentines that relate to the news of the day or that are signed by someone significant.

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Valentines can also function as decorative hangings. Terry collects valentines and displays them. The best one has lace trim with a small wax cupid figure in the center. What kinds of valentines "Dating valentines postcards" available? Fancy handmade cards made of paper, lace and ribbons that were pasted together like those by Esther Howland, the first person credited with the commercial mass-production of valentines in the mids in Worcester, Massachusetts, are very desirable and sell for a lot of money.

Collectors love Victorian three-dimensional valentines that feature die-cut images that open into three-dimensional views. Later versions from the early s with folded honeycomb paper that Dating valentines postcards open into a design are also expensive.

Are there any new valentines that have collecting potential? Terry suggests looking for valentines that reflect current news, pop culture or historical events. Look at the hairstyles, clothes, cars or trains that are pictured. They can help date them.

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Where does an interested collector find old valentines? Look at house sales and in thrift shops, too. Great valentines may be found in old scrap books. How do I find what an old valentine is worth?

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Terry Kovel also suggests checking prices at ephemera shows or through organizations that specialize in valentines, like the National Valentine Collectors Association, ValentineCollectors. Login to leave a comment.

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