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With inspiration taken from visual as well as practical means, these innovative entrepreneurs have taken their love for food and married it with their individual passions, be it video production, curated events or sustainability. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity. Be it dessert making, serving up mouth-watering French food, or making cakes that fit right into your diet schedule, the people listed here have a knack for knowing exactly what their customers are looking for, and how they can leave behind regular food practices, and showcase Stayfit products prices in bangalore dating work using their imagination.

Whether you want to feast your eyes on their creation or on their food, these frontrunners have built entire lifestyles around their business.

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With mindful living, healthy eating and gourmet lunches in the mix, the following culinary artists tempt many more than regular food connoisseurs! When it comes to delicious crepes, croques and frites, this exciting venture started by Johanne, Nicolas and Nicolas who are all French, was created when the three of them met in Bangalore and sought to carve a space for themselves in the food industry. Nicolas Grossemyone of the Stayfit products prices in bangalore dating, believed that this food truck would be a great way to actually have a personal connection with his customers.

They even Stayfit products prices in bangalore dating at birthday parties, corporate events and school events. Track the food truck to taste their food on the go, or subscribe to their Hood Alert if you want to know every time they come to your neighbourhood! Creating curated dining experiences in the city of Mumbai, Danda Stayfit products prices in bangalore dating Project provides their customers with custom experiences when it comes to the tasting of food.

Pushing boundaries of food and celebrating the art of food and its forgotten traditions, Danda Food Project host private events and has pop up restaurants.

They couple their journey with modern techniques of the preparation of food, and tell a story through the dining experience. The Danda experience involves an eight to ten-course meal with drink pairings that aim to support lesser known food producers in the country and to bring up the importance of homegrown ingredients.

And here it is, Your Food Lab having over 1. Sanjyot wakes up early to start making food all day and take videos of it, and edits them before putting it up online. His passion for food and his driving force began at a young age and he was encouraged by his family to follow through on his love for cooking. His success has largely been due to the support of his family and his determination to make something of his interests. He began filming with his phone, and started to hone his skills to create high quality content for Your Food Lab.

YFL has grown tremendously over the last year, after having started in just a small room with basic equipment. With videos that now uses professional processes and advanced equipment, Sanjyot aims to provide the best content for his viewers. For all the foodies in Mumbai, Your Food Lab also reviews restaurants and food spots in Mumbai that serve lip smacking food. Sanjyot would love to collaborate with those in the creative space, such as video content creators, video and photo editors, artists, culinary interns, and food stylists.

Trishala Ashok, the founder of Fitbakes, has always been into fitness and health. Being health conscious, she started her company because she wanted snacks she could have without the guilt involved in bingeing on junk food.

Trishala experiments with fresh fruits, incorporates your need for fibre and protein, and ensures that she uses only palm sugar, honey or jaggery. She also opts for quinoa, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, and even zucchini instead of using maida or regular flour. These baked goods can also be made vegan! Recently, she came up with a recipe for guilt-free donuts that are made with whole wheat flour.