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Women have sex with other women


Despite society's need to label people as "gay" or "straight," sexual orientation is a spectrum. But coming to terms with a sexuality that falls somewhere between those two labels can be confusing just ask Katy Perry.

If you're a woman who has predominantly dated men, but you're experiencing feelings of attraction or romantic love for other women, how do you know when it's time to take the plunge?

Biphobiaa prejudice against bisexual people, is real. So it's important to realize that everyone who is bicurious has the right to explore, discover, and claim their sexuality — no matter what part of the gray area it falls into.

As a straight woman, I've...

I identify as queer and bisexual. Until my early 20's, I had only dated men, though I had made out with other women.

Women Who Have Sex with...

Shortly before my 22nd birthday, I finally went on some real dates with another woman and had sex and liked it. Remember, in the queer community, sex isn't as strictly defined. That means that exploring your bisexuality can involve a range of activities, depending on your comfort level.

So when two people with vulvas are having "Women have sex with other women," I think a lot of folks don't understand how that works since there's no penis. They may think that women can't have sex or that the sex isn't satisfying," Dr. Powell recently told me. If you ask me, if two or more people are getting together with the goal of sexual pleasure and getting off, it's sex.

Of course, knowing when you're ready to try sex with another woman is a personal decision. But here are some signs that tipped me off that I was ready.

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