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Single sluts


And you're a fool for letting the world convince you that dating them made you a "good man".

Always remember, if it takes propaganda and mass social conditioning to convince you to do Single sluts, it's probably not healthy for you See: The first and most common defense for single moms is "What if they divorced or left an abusive or bad man".

Single Moms are Single Moms because they're bad decision makers and let their emotions lead them into a bad situation. Bad Decision Making is the worst Single sluts a woman could have.

No one makes that drastic a change overnight without some sort of serious trauma. The signs are usually there, you just choose not to see them. Once again, bad decision making.

Single Moms are women who have lost all value. No matter how attractive she is, a single mom has lost all value to you as a man because she's already taken on the Single sluts of another man. Another man has already beaten you to the end game and you will always be second place. Sluts may have fucked "Single sluts" bunch of guys before you, but at least she was smart enough not to have a kid. Kinda impressive with how much time she spends around semen.

There is no one more manipulative and full of shit tests than Single Moms. Once she has that kid and realizes just how hard it is to raise it alone, that very second, her female manipulation goes into overdrive.

All the attention and sexual cravings are still there but with "need for a provider" mode kicked into hyperdrive. She will try and get you alone with her kid, she'll get him to call you daddy on "accident", she'll pull every Single sluts in the book. Every word, every sexual act, every moment has a million implications behind it.

Sluts are manipulative but at least there's no kid involved. At least they'll just get you attached to their vaginas.

Single Moms carry more baggage than any woman on Earth, even strippers. The Man who they wanted to have the kids with no longer being there. I could go on and and on but single moms are packed with more baggage than Louis Vuitton.

The amount of crazy they Single sluts to hide combined with the effort it takes to hide said crazy when trying to find a new man is beyond words.

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