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Completely free apps


Unfortunately, not everyone has money to spend.

Looking for premium mobile games...

There are many reasons why this can be the case, but suffice it to say that there is a market for games that are totally free. Please note that many of these do have Completely free apps advertising to support the developers.

If we missed any of the best Android games with no in-app purchases, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists! Here are some more fun game lists you might enjoy! AI Factory Limited games Price: They make a variety of simple free Android games.

Each one is free with no in-app purchases. Some of them have paid versions that remove advertising. However, the ads really aren't that bad. A few of them, especially the Chess game, are actually fairy in-depth.

You can't go wrong when it comes to simple, free Android games. Cytoid is a rare, totally free rhythm game. You "Completely free apps" tap and swipe the screen when instructed.

The game features a few decent tracks and simple controls. The big feature is song porting. The game's community made hundreds of songs.

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You download them, install them in the game, and you get more Completely free apps to play with. It's otherwise a very dry game. This is a great game for people who like a real challenge. Plus it's free, obviously. Doom and Destiny Advanced Price: The game features a hour story line. In addition, there are side quests and plenty of other things to do. That includes hidden secrets and a bunch of hidden areas. The experience is quite lighthearted and fun. Finding full RPGs for free is not an easy task.

Doom and Destiny is definitely the best one. The free version has ads and a few limitations. However, it Completely free apps contain the entire game. Fighting Tiger - Liberal Price: Fighting Tiger is an action fighting game with a lot going for it. There are a variety of moves to learn or you can pick up weapons to fend off your opponents as well.

The Frostrune is a point-and-click adventure game with some puzzle elements. The game leans heavily on its story line for entertainment. Players are stranded on an island after a shipwreck and must explore the area. You collect things, solve puzzles, and progress.

The art style is excellent.

It also uses authentic Norse environments, items, and even speech. That's a neat little tidbit and it adds to the atmosphere of the game. Of course, Completely free apps completely free so have at it! We have some more game lists for you to check out! GameStart Pixel Battle Price: GameStart Pixel Battle was created as a sort of promotional game for the festival of Completely free apps same name. It has retro graphics, but also features popular characters from a few other games.

The real GameStart is over. However, the game continues to get updates. It's entirely free with no in-app purchases or ads.


Geometry Dash franchise Price: Geometry Dash is a small series of free Android games. They're action platformers with some rhythm game elements. Each one is rather short. However, it's tough to complain much when they're Completely free apps free.

The latest in the series is Geometry Dash SubZero. These are all excellent games for those on a very strict and tight budget.

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HQ Trivia is a hit new trivia game. People compete from all over the world for real cash prizes. Completely free apps game has between 12 and 15 questions. Those left at the end split the winnings. It's not a unique premise. Game shows have existed for decades. However, this one is unique in that it's a mobile game, it's free, and it has a live host asking questions.

There are usually around 12 games per week at set times. Follow the company on Twitter for the full schedule. The game is buggy, though, especially if your web speeds are slower than average. That should work itself out over time, though. It's a Space Thing Price: This is an arcade style shooter where you play the character on the bottom and your job "Completely free apps" to kill the bad guy at the top of the screen. It features simple controls, intense game play, and five boss battles to play through.

There's certainly no shortage of...

It also features local multiplayer where you can play the bottom character and someone else sits opposite of you and plays the top character. Add in the retro graphics and you have a pretty well rounded experience for a free game. LEGO has a shocking number of Android games that are completely free to play.

Each game has its own set of mechanics, but most of them are action-adventure games that have fighting or shooter mechanics baked in.

Many have unique ideas, like being able to scan real world toys to grant yourself powers sold separately, of course. Yep, we have even more game lists to check out! Pocket CIty is a newer simulation game. It's a lot like Sim City. You build a city, its infrastructure, and all of that.

The goal is to build a self-sufficient city Completely free apps everybody is happy. Completely free apps is a free version and a premium version of this game. The free version has fewer features, but it's still a full game.

It's an older game which...

It doesn't have a ton of features even in the full version. However, it's hard to complain too much about a free city builder simulator. Quizoid is a free quiz game that can Completely free apps compete with other games in this genre. It features over trivia questions. They spread out over six levels. Questions are consistently added. It helps keep the game feeling fresh. There are 17 topics that Completely free apps can play through, two game modes, and you have lifelines to help you answer questions you may not know the answers to.

This one is also playable offline which is a plus for many people. There is an optional paid version that adds more questions. The free version is still pretty fantastic, though. Rowdy Wrestling is one of the newer free Android games.

This one is an arcade wrestling game. Players go head to head with AI opponents in massive battle royales.

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