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St raphael the archangel patron saint of


Among the three archangels named in the Bible, St raphael the archangel patron saint of. Raphael is probably the least known. This is likely due to the fact that St.

Raphael is only found in the Old Testament and there only in a book not considered canonical by Jews or Protestant Christianswhile Gabriel and Michael feature prominently in the New Testament. Traditionally, Raphael had a separate feast celebrated on October 24, though recently his feast was combined with those of the other two archangels on September Raphael is a powerful intercessor whom we should not forget, especially during times when we are most in need of healing.

Raphael is found in the Book of Tobit, where he reveals himself as a healer of mind, body and spirit. The first part of the biblical story narrates the life of Tobit, a righteous Jewish man who took upon himself the burial of the dead even when it was forbidden by his Assyrian captors. Tobit became blind after bird droppings fell into his eyes. The blindness lasted for several years and sent Tobit into a deep anguish, creating in him a desire to die.

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