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Seniors having sex


The owner of the south Minneapolis adult store smiles right back. Conventional wisdom holds that couples in their golden years prefer to limit their affection to holding hands, a peck on the cheek, maybe a little nighttime cuddle.

A study published in March in the Archives of Sexual Behavior noted a decline in sexual frequency among Americans of all ages. But the "Seniors having sex" boomers and their parents are having sex more often than their cohorts reported in the past.

The study and others like it seem to indicate that the quality — not just the quantity — of sex improves with age. The National Commission on Aging reported that the majority of the over set find sex to be more emotionally and physically satisfying than when they were middle-aged.

Those conclusions are in line with a British study that found half of Seniors having sex and almost a third of women above 70 reported having sex at least twice a month. It was the first British study on sexual health to include octogenarians.

It documented that Seniors having sex sizable minority of those in their 80s still masturbate and have sex.

We should break those taboos or exceptions that say otherwise. In addition to its selection of vibrators, lubricants and videos, Smitten Kitten maintains a lending library. The books that fly off the shelves the fastest are about sex in later life.

Responses are slower, we need more sensation, more stimulation to be aroused. Seniors having sex may have to redefine or reframe sex, but it can still be hot. Still bawdy about her body, the Minneapolis woman is semiretired from her work at a nonprofit but retains a full-time interest in intimacy.

We were the generation that could have sex without consequences — and we did.

When her libido flagged a decade ago, Watson asked her doctor for an estrogen prescription for both a patch and cream. While sex may be more common among older adults than younger ones, talking about senior sex still seems off limits. And that only perpetuates the myth that seniors have little interest in it. Old bodies are just as worthy of pleasure as young ones. Commenters must follow our Terms of Use. Home All Sections Seniors having sex.

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