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Girls try lesbian sex


Every month, straight girls are bombarded with tips regarding how best to sexually please their male partner. But what about girls that want to please Girls try lesbian sex. Where are our sex tips? Both from reader submissions and bona-fide experts, here are your Lesbian Sex Tips! Essentially, lesbian sex was like playing hide-and-seek in the dark, only vaginas were directly involved. Initially, I spent a very long time down there, in that wondrous territory undiscovered by my adolescent self.

Lucky for me and herI was a pretty good navigator. Let your hair sort of trace her back longitudinally from her buttcheeks up to her neck, then carry on with whatever.

I fucking go insane. Make your room a bit too hot.

Bring back a cup full of ice. Find yourself on top of her and have your way. Be a cunning linguist — use your lips as well as your tongue to nibble, lick and suc her whole vulva — and make soem noise!

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The more delicious she feels, the better the result. Need I say more? You can explore your urethral sponge or G-spot with a firm, curved dildo or your fingers particularly Girls try lesbian sex you have long arms or a short torso or are particularly flexible.

Some women like to stimulate the opening of the vagina just below the urethra. You can also press down on your pelvis with your free hand, applying pressure just above the pubic bone.

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As you approach orgasm, push out, as if urinating. The stream you produce is ejaculate. The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us. You have to rely on intuition and instinct.

You have to listen, and feel, and play. Just trust yourself and put your focus on her body, her pleasure. Do whatever it was that made her body react again. Let her body be your guide. Have her lie on her belly or get on all fours and Girls try lesbian sex yourself behind her. Stimulate her g-spot with your palm downward and fingers with short, neatly filed nails gently pointed to her front.

Also in this position, you can and should: If it does though, stand by for fireworks. There are two basic positions. In classic scissors, you both lie down, open your legs and scootch together from opposite directions so your pussies meet and rub your clits together. If you prefer more body contact, one of you can lie on her back, legs apart, while the Girls try lesbian sex goes on top with one leg between her partners and one thigh drawn up to enable cuntact.

Girls try lesbian sex a vibrator between you for extra va-va-vrrrrrrom. Always have a small Ziploc bag in with your safer-sex kit.

Use it to cleanly dispose of used dams, finger cots, condoms, etc.

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