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Uncommon sex acts

There's so much weird sex...

When we published our first sexual bucket list highlighting 50 things "Uncommon sex acts" should do Uncommon sex acts before we die, to say it went viral would be a major understatement. The list took on a life of its own, garnering thousands of comments, shares, views, and syndication galore. The truth is even I, the author of the piece, have not tried all It's an extensive list and not one that's easy to get through, especially if you've committed to marriage and monogamy early in life.

So instead of saying we MUST do these things, let's say instead that we should be open to the possibilities. Is this a checklist that you have to complete in order to die happy?

But it's certainly fun to try! Look at it as a way for you and whomever your partner may be -- spouse, boyfriend, stranger -- to open your minds and expand your repertoire.

Sexual Bucket List for Parents: Kiss a girl 2.

Have a threesome 4. Engage in group sex 5.

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