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Teacher blackmail sex stories


Blackmailing My Hot Teacher. You must login to do that! It was another cold winter afternoon and again I found it extremely hard to concentrate in my English 10 class.

This was because I found it hard to think about anything other than what I would do to my teacher Mrs. Lawson if I had the chance. Lawson is beyond beautiful. She is 21 and this is her first year teaching. She has silky blonde hair that falls down just below her shoulders; she has a great smile, deep blue eyes and radiant skin. She has big round breasts, a juicy ass and smooth shapely legs that seem to go on forever.

Teacher blackmail sex stories add to all of that she is a really nice person that legitimately cares Teacher blackmail sex stories her students.

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The bell rang; I went home and started on some of my homework. During the course of doing some math I got distracted and started surfing the net. Of course this led to watching porn.

I started looking for some good videos when I stumbled upon something that caught my eye. It was a site where students posted sexy videos and pictures of their hot teachers. There were no nudes; it was mostly up skirts and cleavage shots. It was very sexy nonetheless. I quickly jacked off, and then Teacher blackmail sex stories hatched a plan to get my own sexy teacher material from Mrs.

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The next day I walked into my English class with my cell phone handy. Lawson walked in wearing a plaid skirt that came down just below her knees and a blouse that was kind of low cut.

(Synopsis: A black girl student...

At the end of class I asked for her help with some homework. She bent over the desk and started reading the article we were answering questions on. As she bent over her blouse slipped down a bit exposing some cleavage. She was looking down so I sneakily took out my phone and put it on video. She bent more as she tried making out a word in the article; this made her blouse fall lower so that her white bra was showing. As she finished helping me she turned to start walking back to her desk but she accidentally knocked over my pencil case with her arm causing my pencils and pens scatter on the ground.

Her shapely ass was pushing against the fabric of her skirt. I once again put my phone on video. Her ass was pushed out further; this caused her skirt to ride up; showing her sexy legs and thighs all the way up to just below her ass.

She was pretty focused on collecting my pencils so I decided to push my luck. I cautiously put my hand on her skirt and slowly peeled it up so her sweet panty clad ass.

She was Teacher blackmail sex stories white cotton panties that fit her ass perfectly. Once I got it on video I put her skirt back down. Once she finished I decided it was time to go so I thanked her for her help and I headed home. Right away I went to my room and started jacking off to the videos of her cleavage and ass.

As the week went on I got more and more material on my cell phone. I got some more up skirt pictures, more videos of her ass and cleavage as she bended over and on one particularly cold day I took a video of her hard nipples which were clearly showing through her blouse.

On Friday I went home and I uploaded all of "Teacher blackmail sex stories" material I had on to my computer and started making one long Teacher blackmail sex stories. After I finished I found it to be much sexier than any of the videos on that website. Then I started thinking about what Mrs.

(Synopsis: A black girl student...

Lawson would do if I posted this on that site. She would obviously be very embarrassed. I wondered if I could blackmail her. There was only on way to find out. That night I made a secret email account and emailed the video to her and waited for a reply.

I just think you should show it more. She was probably just asking me where I live so she could find out who I was. Teacher blackmail sex stories if the school found out of this "Teacher blackmail sex stories" would be expelled for sure. And wear your white low cut blouse with a pushup bra. I waited the whole weekend but she still never answered back.

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Monday morning I got up quickly and rushed off to school. English was my last class so I had to go the whole day wondering whether Mrs. Lawson would wear what I told her to. Finally my last block came; I was the first one "Teacher blackmail sex stories" class.

The suspense was killing me. About 5 minutes after the bell rang she walked into class. The whole class was speechless. To my delight Mrs. Lawson wore exactly what I told her to. She wore a white mini skirt that ended about 2 inches above her knees.

Her breasts also looked magnificent. The pushup bra pushing her breasts up and out and her low cut white blouse combined to show some serious cleavage. Lawson started blushing as each and every boy in the class had his eyes on her hot body. She tried to go on Teacher blackmail sex stories teach the lesson but it was pretty obvious that none of us cared about English at the moment. After the lesson we had about half an hour to start on our homework. Lawson sank into her chair and put up a book so that as much of her was Teacher blackmail sex stories as possible.

I saw what she was trying to do so I asked "Teacher blackmail sex stories" for some help. She reluctantly got out of her desk and walked over to my desk. Once again she bent over to look at the question.

This time as she bent lower, her big breasts looked like they were about to Teacher blackmail sex stories out of her bra! I took out my camera and once again put it on video. I asked her some more questions so I could take as long of a video as possible. After she was done helping me the boy next to me asked her a question.

She bent over the side of his desk so that her ass was facing me. Her skirt rode up as her ass was pushed out. Her ass looked so good that I had to resist the urge to grab it. I made another video though; once again I cautiously peeled her skirt, this time all the way up.

She was wearing a small white thong like I told her too. A few boys around me noticed what I was doing. They smiled and gave me thumbs up. She bent over more to make it out; this pushed her ass out farther. Her thong was sinking into her ass crack; exposing more and more of her bare ass. I made a pretty long video before I put her skirt back down. I am going to be texting you during class from now on.