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Tobacco smoking among school children in Colombo district, Sri Lanka. Tobacco smoking is an important problem among schoolchildren. The authors studied the patterns of tobacco smoking Dilini sri lankan actress sexual harassment schoolchildren in ColomboSri Lankausing a self-administered questionnaire.

Multistaged stratified random sampling was used to select students. Response rate was Prevalence rates for males and females, respectively, were as follows: Mean age of starting to smoke was The tobacco products most used were cigarettes In univariate analysis, male gender, parental smoking, studying non-science subjects, peer smoking, and participating in sports were significantly associated with smoking of at least 1 complete cigarette P Estimates of dengue force of infection in children in ColomboSri Lanka.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Dengue is the most important vector-borne viral "Dilini sri lankan actress sexual harassment" worldwide and a major cause of childhood fever burden in Sri Lankawhich has experienced a number of large epidemics in the past decade. Despite this, data on the burden and transmission of dengue virus in the Indian Subcontinent are lacking. As part of a longitudinal fever surveillance study, we conducted a dengue seroprevalence survey among children aged ColomboSri Lanka.

We used a catalytic model to estimate the risk of primary infection among seronegative children.

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The risk of primary infection was There was weak evidence to suggest that the force of primary infection could be lower for children aged 6 years and above. We estimate that there are approximately 30 primary dengue infections among children Sri Lankawith levels of transmission comparable to those in the more established epidemics of Southeast Asia. Unmarried women's decisions on pregnancy termination: Qualitative interviews in ColomboSri Lanka. In Sri Lanka pregnancy termination is very restricted by law and social norms.

Cause And Effect

Premarital sex, and pregnancies are not generally accepted and unmarried pregnant women are vulnerable in their decision-making on pregnancy termination. The objective of this study was to describe the circumstances of becoming pregnant and factors considered in the decision-making for seeking pregnancy termination in a sample of unmarried women in ColomboSri Lanka.

Individual qualitative interviews were conducted with 19 unmarried women seeking pregnancy terminations at a reproductive health centre in ColomboSri Lanka. The interviews were later analysed using qualitative content analysis.

Becoming pregnant in a love relationship was predominant in this sample. Awareness of contraceptives varied and initial reaction to the pregnancy involved strong contradictory emotions. Multiple interrelated factors were considered in the decision-making for termination.