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What happened to Chatropolis? Chatropolis is an adult chatroom with subchats that was incredibly popular, often having up to chatters at any given "Chatropolis members" world wide, which Chatropolis members impressive for one of the last prominent html based chats on the internet. But recently, Chatropolis started to get I first noticed it when on a night I first noticed it when on a night after doing a few nights of overtime in a row, I came home to unwind and relax and catch up with a few chat buddies of mine there who are in the scene, only Chatropolis members find that some regularly active rooms were empty, and that activity there went from what was usually about on the night I logged in a thursday to I also noticed that the rooms that were normally active but had become empty were Chatropolis members laggy for not only me, but many users as well.

I decided to let it go and went to other rooms and assumed maybe they were updating the site. Time went on and another string of late night overtimes came, this one being longer than the last. By the time I had time to myself, i went to Chatropolis and what did I find? I found that activity went from toand that most of the activity happened in privately owned subrooms that were Chatropolis members by chatropolis but were run by members who payed a subscription fee to the sites host for the service.

I also browsed around the few remaining remnants of activity on Chatropolis as well, and nobody seems to know. So what happened to Chatropolis? How does one of the most prominent naughty chat sites on the net just belly up and essentially die like the Wari of South America? Chatropolis members anyone knows, I'd be really appreciate it. I can't tell you what happened. I noticed it suddenly being dysfunctional, about 4 days ago.

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