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Alloromantic asexual and sexual reproduction


Maybe spectrum is a bad word to use. Using it can be pretty clumsy, to say the least. May it for wanting or not sex, sexual and romantic orientations. Perhaps two sides of the same coin? I don't really know. But when it comes to orientations perhaps cluster or something similar may be more precise.

Gray-Asexual/Gray-A: Someone who experiences sexual...

A cluster of orientations. Imagine it as a big oval with randomly placed dots and each representing one orientation? Completely disagree with regards to Umbrella. Umbrella refers to "Alloromantic asexual and sexual reproduction" and not orientations. There is most definitely an asexual umbrella, and there is a homosexual umbrellas as well. It is called the Queer Umbrella. You could still have an asexual umbrella identity, and even if that doesn't pan out that doesn't mean there isn't somewhere you belong.

Yes, sexuality as a whole is a spectrum, but when I'm talking about the asexuality spectrum it's more about the close up part of the overall spectrum that only covers the bits closer to the asexual end. They aren't separate things, just at a different scale.

Let me pose you this question then, why couldn't asexuality also be considered an umbrella term? Though the literal definition leaves room for only one orientation, I don't see why the term couldn't be morphed to mean a spectrum as "Alloromantic asexual and sexual reproduction." Words can have different meanings, after all.

For example, the term asexual can refer to asexual reproduction and is not at all related to the sexual orientation. Yet the word's meaning is different depending on the context.

Living things use lots of...

Asexual is a single orientation in itself - so is gay, so is straight, so is bisexual. I don't think they should all be linked together.

If you're greyace, you're not asexual, you're grey ace. They're similar, you'll have similar experiences and hence why AVEN isn't just for acesbut they're different. They also typically fluctuate in this percentage. I am Not talking about a spectrum. I am talking about Umbrella identities. And it is named after asexuality because that is the identity most different from the normal.

Again it is Alloromantic asexual and sexual reproduction saying what you see yourself in as a way of defining yourself to others.

Asexual reproduction means reproducing without...

A gray A saying they identify with normal allosexuality makes no sense because almost everyone does and it doesn't differentiate them at all. Saying that you identify with asexuality because your sex drive is significantly lower than average on the other hand makes a great deal of sense and helps differentiate you from everyone else. Even the term Gray-A itself is a reference to Asexuality.

They certainly didn't call themselves that because they are sexually attracted to the color gray.

The same goes for asexuality/aromanticism....

And, also, why should we say the sexuality spectrum? There is no rule or law requiring that spectrums be based upon positive aspects.

History. Originally "aromantic" was used...

So long as you have a definite starting point set you can apply a spectrum negatively as well. Going from full to empty for example. In fact this makes sense in that the term sexuality spectrum already has a definition and is used to differentiate types of sexualities between homosexuality and heterosexuality ala the Kinsey Scale.

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Since that term is already has a definition and use it makes no sense to call this the "sexuality spectrum" as well other than to cause confusion. Conversely, giving the title of the asexuality spectrum makes sense since you Alloromantic asexual and sexual reproduction differentiating things between what is perceived as normal sexuality and setting apart people all the way to asexuality. But that is beside the point I am making which is on the "umbrella identities.

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