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Womens sexual health clinic london


Our contraceptive services include pill, patch, injection, diaphragm, nuvaring, and fitting and removal of implants and IUC 'coil'. LARC is the most reliable method of contraception for an extensive period of time without you having to remember to take or use them in order for them to work.

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It includes injections, intrauterine contraception IUCs and subdermal contraceptive implants e. Your results give no indication of your partner's sexual health. You should encourage your partner to test too.

We will post your kit to you. You take your own samples and send it back. We automatically include a finger prick test for HIV and Syphilis if we think you need one based on your answers. You can also choose to add this. The next two questions will help us to work what you need. Your answers Womens sexual health clinic london be confidential. If this is your first sexual health check, please answer these questions about all of your sexual experiences.

If you have had a sexual health check before, please answer these questions based on what has happened since the last time you had a sexual health check.

The next two questions will help us to work out if you need swabs and which ones you need. If you have not had an HIV test before, we recommend you have one. We also recommend regular testing for people who are at higher risk. You can only order a home self-test kit for yourself.

Please do not try to place orders for other people.

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We will record these details in your patient record and share them with our third party supplier, TDL The Doctors Laboratorywho will supply your home self-test kit and carry out the testing on your returned samples.

The information below is required for anonymous bulk reporting for health planning. The information in reports cannot be linked to you as an individual and will only be shared for NHS purposes. Please read the instructions included in your kit carefully before you take a test.

We will text you to confirm your order number within three working days. If you have not received your home self-test kit after five working days, you can call us on available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

I need emergency contraception. I need support after a sexual assault. Do you want a sexual health check or contraception? Where do you live? "Womens sexual health clinic london" am under 25 years old I am 25 or older Are you? Male Female So we can direct you to the right clinical service, please tell us if you identify as trans?

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Yes No Who do you have sex with? Men Women Men and women Would you like Womens sexual health clinic london start, continue or change a method of contraception or find out more about these? We offer free condoms at all of our services. Yes No If you only want an STI check-up, you can either order a home self-test kit or make an appointment. If you are a woman and want to start, continue or change a method of contraception, please make an appointment to come in to see us.

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Your test today may not cover recent risks. The best time to test is: We can only offer home self-test kits to people who live within the Surrey County Council area. Our home self-test kits for men include a urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.

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