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Hilary Clinton at the "all woman" chat show of NTV channel was certainly a textbook case for a successful operation. Clinton visit generates lot of PR but no real news 9 Mart The show "Haydi Gel Bizimle Ol" "Come and join us" is a free chat show among four successful women from all walks of life: But it is a show that enjoys constant high ratings in Turkish television. Still for the new boss of the State Department, who arrived in Turkey on the eve of the International Woman's Day, that was a perfect occasion to exercise one of the main principles of modern style Rahmi koc wife sexual dysfunction diplomacy": And if one of the aims of Mrs.

Hilary Clinton's first visit to Turkey as a US Foreign Secretary was to reverse the strong anti-American feeling, then her choice to appear among Turkish women and to show herself as "just another Rahmi koc wife sexual dysfunction was very clever. Clinton sent us the message that she is "one of us" by her outfit to start with. She arrived in Turkey in the early hours of Saturday, wearing a smart yellow jacket and black trousers with minimum make up and jewelry.


The viewers of the chat show who watched her on Saturday night, saw her in the same attire as she appeared on the news during all her meetings all through the day.

She flattered the Turkish public as well as the Turkish government in a most skillful way. But speaking purely on journalistic terms, it did not generate major news stories, per se.

To what extent this will have any affect on the "bridge making" role that the present Turkish government has Rahmi koc wife sexual dysfunction pushing forward as the main reason for entering the EU or mediating in the Middle East?

What role does the US wants to assign to Turkey in the region and will it be different that before? Obviously behind the sweet smile of Mrs.

Clinton there is a lot of tough bargaining going on behind the scenes and things are not as smooth as they look.

One could get a taste of it reading between the lines of the statement by the Turkish foreign Minister Ali Babacan yesterday when talking about the Armenian "genocide" issue: We have no difficulties with communication in that sense, he said but added that he hopes that the "issue could be solved without any problems and without overshadowing the relations between Turkey and USA.

According to the same information which has not been denied by the White House, president Obama plans to come to Turkey via Istanbul where he will take part in the summit for the Alliance of Civilizations which is going to attended by the General Secretary of Rahmi koc wife sexual dysfunction UN, Ban Ki-Moon.

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