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He won the French presidential election, by a During his term, he faced the lates financial crisis causing a recession and the European sovereign debt crisis and the Arab Spring especially in TunisiaLibyaand Syria.

He initiated the reform of French universities and the pension reform After leaving the presidential office, Sarkozy vowed to retire from public life before coming back inbeing subsequently reelected as UMP leader renamed The Republicans in Being defeated at the Republican presidential primary inhe retired from public life.

He is currently charged with corruption by French prosecutors in two cases, notably concerning the alleged Libyan interference in Francois fillon wife sexual dysfunction French elections. During Sarkozy's childhood, his father founded his own advertising agency and became wealthy.

The family lived in a mansion owned by Sarkozy's maternal grandfather, Benedict Mallah, in the 17th Arrondissement of Paris. According to Sarkozy, his staunchly Gaullist grandfather was more of an influence on him than his father, whom he rarely saw. Sarkozy was raised Catholic.

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Sarkozy said that being abandoned by his father shaped much of who he Francois fillon wife sexual dysfunction today. He also has Francois fillon wife sexual dysfunction that, in his early years, he felt inferior in relation to his wealthier and taller classmates. Paris X Nanterre had been the starting place for the May '68 student movement and was still a stronghold of leftist students.

Described as a quiet student, Sarkozy soon joined the right-wing student organization, in which he was very active. After graduating from university, Sarkozy entered Sciences Powhere he studied between andbut failed to graduate [10] due to an insufficient command of the English language. After passing the barSarkozy became a lawyer specializing in business and family law [11] and was one of Silvio Berlusconi 's French lawyers. Sarkozy married his first wife, Marie-Dominique Culioli, on 23 September ; her father was a pharmacist from Vico a village north of AjaccioCorsicaher uncle was Achille Perettithe mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine from — and Sarkozy's political mentor.

They had two sons, Pierre born innow a hip-hop producer, [15] and Jean born in now a local politician in the city of Neuilly-sur-Seine where Sarkozy started his own political career. Sarkozy's best man was the prominent right-wing politician Charles Pasqualater to become a political opponent.

Inshe left her husband for Sarkozy, and divorced one year later. The couple have a daughter, Giulia, born on 19 October Sarkozy is recognized by French parties on both the Right and Left as a skilled politician and striking orator.

Overall, he is considered more pro-American and pro-Israeli than most French politicians. From toSarkozy was president of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire UMPFrance's major right-wing political party, and he was Minister of the Interior in the government of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepinwith the honorific title of Minister of Statemaking him effectively the number three official in the French State after President Jacques Chirac and Villepin.

"Francois fillon wife sexual dysfunction" ministerial responsibilities included law enforcement and Francois fillon wife sexual dysfunction to co-ordinate relationships between the national and local governments, as well as Minister of Worship in this role he created the French Council of the Muslim Faith CFCM. Previously, he was a deputy to the French National Assembly.

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He was forced to resign this position in order to accept his ministerial appointment. He previously also held several ministerial posts, including Finance Minister. Sarkozy's political career began when he was 23, when he became a city councillor in Neuilly-sur-Seine. A member of the Neo-Gaullist party RPR, he went on to be elected mayor of that town, after the death of the incumbent mayor Achille Peretti. Sarkozy had been close to Peretti, as his mother was Peretti's secretary.

Instead Sarkozy took that opportunity to propel himself into the office of mayor. He Francois fillon wife sexual dysfunction from to Inhe became a deputy in Francois fillon wife sexual dysfunction National Assembly. InSarkozy was in the national news for personally negotiating with the "Human Bomb", a man who had taken small children hostage in a kindergarten in Neuilly.

The first two budgets he submitted to the parliament budgets for FY and FY assumed a yearly budget deficit equivalent to six percent of GDP.

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After Chirac won the election, Sarkozy lost his position as Minister for the Budget, and found himself outside the circles of power. However, he returned after the right-wing defeat at the parliamentary electionas the number two candidate of the RPR.