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Holocaust experiments on homosexuals statistics


Around the turn of the century there was a fairly significant gay rights movement in Germany under the leadership of Magnus Hirschfeld and his organization, the Scientific Humanitarian Committee. The major goals of the movement were to educate the public and to bring about the repeal of Paragraph At the close of World War I, there was a somewhat more liberal climate in Germany and the Weimar Republic, while it did not repeal the existing law, did not enforce the law with the same zeal as the First Reich.

There was a proliferation of homosexual meeting places, books, articles and films and homosexuality was considerably more open and more openly discussed. In the mid's the government reacted to these developments by attempting to enforce Holocaust experiments on homosexuals statistics laws more vigorously and to pass more restrictive legislation.

Inafter a couple of years of debate and discussion, the attempt failed by a narrow majority in the Reichstag. Homosexuals felt that a major victory had been achieved. However, in all of the discussion, a clear voice was heard from the Nazi deputies in the Assembly who voiced the conviction that it was "Holocaust experiments on homosexuals statistics" Jews who were leading this movement in an attempt to undermine the morality of the German people.

The racial theme in their position also emerged in their argument that homosexuality has a detrimental impact on desired Aryan family size and population increase -- thus impacting German strength.

Therefore, homosexuality was incompatible with racial purity. This was later to be one of Himmler's major arguments.

That voice was to become very loud and clear when the Nazi Party gained control in The leadership of the Nazi Party included at least one avowed homosexual, Ernst Roehm. He was a member of Hirschfeld's League for Human Rights and openly attended homosexual meeting places. Between andRoehm was the leader of the SA Stormtroopers and, before the death of Hindenberg inhe was a potential challenger to Hitler's supremacy. With the Nazis' rise to power came an attack from Germany's political left.

Attempts Holocaust experiments on homosexuals statistics made to discredit Hitler and the Nazis. One of their arguments was the charge of homosexuality in the Nazi ranks. Hitler's old friend Roehm was one of their main targets.

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Interestingly, one of Roehm's principal defenders was Heinrich Himmler. He articulated the belief that accusations against Roehm were the work of Jews who feared the SS and were trying to discredit the movement.

The mood of the party, and of Himmler, changed, however, when Hitler decided in that Roehm was a threat to his authority. Specifically, Hitler feared that Roehm was attempting to turn the SA at this time, over 2 million strong into a militia and was planning a military challenge to Hitler.

While there is no evidence that such a plan existed, Hitler "Holocaust experiments on homosexuals statistics" a purge. Himmler, who had once defended Roehm, assumed leadership of the SS and, in the process, also assumed the role of ridding the movement and Germany of homosexuals.

The following year, inthe Reichstag amended Paragraph of the Criminal Code to close what were seen as loopholes in the current law. The new law had three parts:. A male who commits a sex offense with another male or allows himself to be used by another male for a sex offense shall be punished with imprisonment. Where a party was not yet twenty-one years of Holocaust experiments on homosexuals statistics at the time of the act, the court may in especially minor cases refrain from punishment.

Penal servitude up to 10 years or, where there are mitigating circumstances, imprisonment of Holocaust experiments on homosexuals statistics less than three months shall apply to: An unnatural sex act committed by humans with animals is punishable by imprisonment; the loss of civil rights might also be imposed.

Paragraph of the penal code forbad incest and other sexual offenses with dependents, while paragraph outlawed pedophilia. Persons convicted under these laws also wore the pink triangle.

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