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How to keep a guy interested in a conversation


I have met a lot of women who often whine about how difficult it is to keep a guy interested. While there are a few hits and misses everywhere, girls are too often at a loss for ideas when it comes to keeping a man interested. I have seen girls sweat it out, trying to keep the interest of a guy who is fading away and still failing miserably.

So, if you too are wondering how to keep a guy interested, you have come to the right place. If you want to know how to keep a guy interested, I am here to be your guide and savior.

Let me tell you precisely as to what you should talk about to keep your man hooked on you. Communication is often the key, and apart from the physical attraction and some intimate moments, you need to talk often to keep the relationship afloat.

So, let us look at some of the best conversation categories that will help your relationship grow and evolve.

Questions to Ask a Guy...

Of course, the genre of games may differ from guy to guy. A guy loves a girl who can talk games. It jazzes up your sex appeal. Trust me, I have seen it happen. It might look like a very mundane How to keep a guy interested in a conversation to you and you might have laughed at this pointer, but this one is a gem of a conversation starter.

Deep down, everyone wishes to have someone with whom they can simply share what happened during their day, even if it was quite uneventful. Over a period of time, he will begin to value this question. If you are seeing a guy, you must know what his hobbies are. Talking to a person about his hobbies is surely a way to keep him interested. If he has more than one hobby, you can always mix it up and discuss it.

You can interweave your hobbies with his and then find how interesting the conversation can be. Now, this one can be a little dicey. Not all guys like to discuss their careers all the time, especially if they are a little insecure or uncertain about it. However, you need to be his pillar of support. Make sure that you can ask him the right question, give him beneficial career tips, and be supportive when he needs it. It will not only keep the conversation going, but also bring the two of you a lot closer.

When you are looking to keep a guy interested, make sure to talk about those events that took place in his life. When you are talking about some of the best and most important events in his life, it sends him the message that How to keep a guy interested in a conversation care for him.

It will help him see that your affection for him is very deep rooted, and at times, this is all you need to seal the bond of love. Ever tried playing the game of rapid fire with your beloved boyfriend? But in the end, it is an excellent way to keep a conversation going and also to find out what has been on his mind.

This could make for a really interesting game that will allow the two of you to come closer and bond really well. Of course, family matters. Sometimes, your guy may have some issues with his family that will affect his mood. Regardless of whether or not he is close with his family, you need to talk about it. Just ask him if he needs help and you can talk about it earnestly. This might help him open up and you may be the shoulder he needs to lean on.

These gestures can go a long way in strengthening the bond between you two. The concept of a bucket list has always interested me. Sharing bucket lists with each other is a good way to find out what you both really want out of life. You will come to know about his desires, cravings, and passions. These are some very strong points and he is sure to openly express himself on these matters too.

Why not plan out ways that you two can together strike off items from the bucket list? Every guy has some kind of expectations from the person he is dating.

2. Show appreciation

You are both likely to feel more confident about the relationship once all expectations are clearly laid out and discussed. Oh absolutely, this point can nail it. What is a conversation if it is all planned and well-thought out beforehand? Once in a while, you need to come up with a complete surprise. Keep the topics random and keep them coming. My experience says that most of the guys love a girl who can keep the conversation going no matter how random the topics get.

So, why not spice up your conversation with some dirty jokes and then add some slapstick comedy to it. Surprises keep everyone rolling, right? I really hope you are dating someone who loves to read.

If not books, some catchy trending stories at least. Books are always a great conversation starter and the best thing is these conversations keep going. There is an entire world inside of books and you two could practically talk for a decade discussing why Professor Snape is the true hero of the Potter saga or why you would always root for Jacob Black in Twilight saga.

Bookworms know how to keep the talks going for an eternity! Humor me and you win. I know that not everyone is gifted when it comes to comic timing. Regardless, the point here is you need to crack a few jokes and tickle his funny bone, and you should try to see if it impresses your boyfriend.

In the end, did I even need to add this one? They are always ready to do it, discuss it and what not. So, when nothing else seems to work to get him talking, why not bring the wild card How to keep a guy interested in a conversation, and voila!

It will be game over and you would be the undisputed queen. So, which of these look to be the best choices for you? Are you going to try these out on your boyfriend? Want to add more to my list of how to keep a guy interested? I am a misfit software engineer who left her work in the corporate world to pursue the insatiable quest to write. A freelance worker by the day, I choose to dream with eyes open wide.

I have conversations with myself where I talk of the possibilities that life can hold. Too many wishes made on empty starless nights ensure that there are various dreams yet to be lived. I am working my way as I am on a quest to find myself.

The greatest journeys are indeed How to keep a guy interested in a conversation ones that lie within. I am yet to live my story because right now, the book is full of too many apostrophes and too many How to keep a guy interested in a conversation. The words are jumbled until the right one fits the puzzle.

I don't believe in perfection because too many times, it is imperfection which paints the perfect story. I am verbose and I aim at living life in full swing until a speed breaker curbs the tantalizing pace with which I wish to conquer the dreams that would otherwise be too big for the not-so-tiny shoes I wear. Blessed with a lot of chubby fat, I love going the extra mile to conquer my extra dreams with an extra advice after all, we all love a little extra.

A die-hard shopaholic, you can often find me laughing on serious stuff inappropriately at wrong times unintentionally. Receive LOVE in your mailbox Try our weekly newsletter with amazing tips to bring and retain love in your life.

How to keep a guy interested in you? Communicate with him, talk to him to keep him interested: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?

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