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Arranged marriage has been the tradition in Cambodia for centuries and remains the norm practiced for Cambodians both at home and overseas. Marriage is a very important institution for Cambodians.

The courtship practices and the marriage ceremony are Khmer sexy love different from those practiced in the Western culture. Traditionally, marriage was always arranged without the knowledge or consent of the individuals to Khmer sexy love married.

Forced marriage was common. Khmer sexy love families arranged marriages while the betrothed individuals were still very young; friends made promises to each other that their children would marry. If a man were interested in marrying a girl he saw but to whom he had not spoken, his parents would arrange an engagement ceremony with the girl's parents. The girl would have nothing to say about it.

Marriage is still arranged but individuals often are consulted about the choice of their spouse, and rejecting the parents' arrangement is tolerated. Even a young woman has an opportunity to reject her parents' wishes, although not many daughters are yet willing to exercise this option. Arranged marriage has survived because of religion and tradition. Most Cambodians are Buddhist. In Buddhism, it is an obligation of parents to find spouses for their children and to marry them into good families.

Traditional Cambodian culture also pressures parents to choose and arrange marriages for the child so that their family's pride and honor are retained.

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Children also have obligations toward their parents to do their utmost to Khmer sexy love their parents' honor. Cambodians believe in returning gratitude to their parents. Marrying into a good family is considered to be a way of returning gratitude, especially for a girl or young woman.

In the old days, the marriage was an arduous and lengthy affair. It could take months Khmer sexy love prepare for the marriage. Courtship involved many rituals to be followed and wedding ceremonies lasted three days.

Today, because of the demands of modern living and the influence of other cultures, marriage is much simpler and less time consuming.

Courtship and wedding ceremonies can be conducted in one day. The traditional role of Khmer women goes back at least to the Angkor era - A. Cambodia is a male-dominated society and females are expected to conform to traditions. Cambodians often compare girls to a piece of cotton wool, whereas they compare a boy to a diamond. Cotton wool, when dropped into mud, never regains its purity regardless of how much it is washed.

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On the contrary, a diamond dropped into mud, can be picked up, washed and become as clean and sparkling as before it got dirty. A girl is expected to obey her parents and elders, to be gentle and softly spoken. She is expected not to date or mingle Khmer sexy love with men or to have premarital sex.