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The nordam group inc


A method of machining a cellular core 14 includes mounting the core 14 atop a table 12 in a multi-axis Computerized Numerical Controlled CNC machine The machine 10 is operated to self-scan the core 14 and self-recognize individual cells 30 arranged laterally in columns and longitudinally in rows.

A machining path E is self-generated from the pre-recognized cells 30and the core 14 is then machined along the The nordam group inc machining path E. Flash control metal bonding. A bonding method includes vacuum bagging a second metal plate atop a first metal plate, with a thermosetting adhesive in a lap joint therebetween covered in turn by a porous peel ply and a porous breather ply; the plates being initially clamped together by applying vacuum through the breather ply; and thermally curing the adhesive, with the breather and peel plies being preselected to capture adhesive seepage from the lap joint and removed with the plies to correspondingly reduce cured adhesive flash.

Roy Jefferson Reese, Jr. Hybrid frame co-mold manufacture. A hybrid frame is fabricated by initially forming a stack The nordam group inc fibrous layers in an annular pattern.

An annular metal trim is separately formed to conform with the annular pattern. The trim is trapped in a lower mold having a complementary lower mold channel. The stacked layers are trapped atop the trim in the lower mold channel.

The nordam group inc upper mold is pressed atop the stacked layers for compression co-molding together in the lower mold the stacked layers and trim to co-form the hybrid frame. Pivoting door thrust reverser for a turbofan gas turbine engine.

A pivot arrangement for a thrust reverser door of a gas turbine engine, the pivot fitting having a base and a shaft projecting from a main side of the base. The shaft receives a preferably curved pivot arm of the door to provide a low profile arrangement which improves performance when the doors are stowed. Thrust reverser for a turbofan gas turbine engine. The thrust reverser comprises sections, such as arms and skins, which may be connected along joints to provide a thrust reverser body.

A plurality of fittings may be integrally formed on a surface of each arm. Jean-Pierre Lair, Paul Weaver. A thrust reverser door provides in one aspect a separation of structural and aerodynamic functions through the provision of individual structures. In some embodiments, an aerodynamic element is adjustable in position, while in other embodiments, the relative positions are fixed. An exemplary aerodynamic element extends radially into the reverser flow to redirect the flow away from the door surface.

A pair of laminated panels are simultaneously manufactured in a single panel The nordam group inc.

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A thermal band is stacked between two panel The nordam group inc and then the two panel sets are simultaneously heated and compressed together in a common stack with the band, with the band being separately heated. The thrust reverser is used with an aircraft gas turbine engine and includes upper and lower doors pivotable between a stowed position and a deployed position.

When deployed, the doors redirect a portion of the efflux to generate a nose-down pitching moment on an aircraft to improve handling during thrust reversing on a runway. A thrust reverser door is provided, in one configuration, with a plurality of peripherally-disposed frames circumferentially spaced apart from one another and projecting radially inwardly on an interior side of the door to thereby provide a channel for redirecting thrust.

The thrust reverser includes, in one aspect, an interior flow deflector which defines a portion of a substantially continuous and uninterrupted nozzle interior surface with the interior of a jet pipe when the door is in a stowed position, thereby reducing aerodynamic losses and improving efficiency.

In another aspect, improved sealing arrangement between the jet The nordam group inc and the door provides increased performance when the doors are stowed. Spider actuated thrust reverser. A thrust reverser The nordam group inc reverser doors circumferentially spaced around a nacelle. An arcuate yoke is disposed coaxially around the nacelle. An actuator is mounted tangentially to the yoke for rotary movement thereof. Actuator rods join the doors to the yoke for simultaneous deployment of the doors as the yoke is rotated.

The Nordam Group, Inc. Nested latch thrust reverser. A thrust reverser includes reverser doors pivotally mounted in a nacelle.

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