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Single black male


I recently read an article where the author attempted to explain why so many [good] black men were single. Anyway, he went on to list his twelve ideas, most of which were passive aggressively deflecting his reasons for being single on to black women, like…. They keep meeting women with unrealistic expectations for what they want in a man.

They keep meeting women who are not interested in them, but only "Single black male" how much money they make …read more. Honestly, I think if anything men actually make the choice to be single, while women remain single because of the choices men make. Everybody has a choice. Whatever your reasons for remaining single are definitely not the responsibility of the opposite sex. Where oh where is the accountability here?

In the article, the author references 12 points of which only two are solely the responsibility of the man, Single black male not the woman. Men will choose to play the field for years before they actually settle down.

I think that [good] black men are still single because they can be. There are countless pieces of research that talk about the ratio of men to women. Anytime there is a surplus of something, consumers are able to be more selective before committing.

Works the same way with people. When it comes to single men, Single black male divide them into two categories. I totally understand wanting to be the best you for someone else, but I also know that we will always want to have more, be better, be more successful, etc. But, you have to realize though, sometimes you can achieve certain successes along side someone who is there as your support system.

Black men want to be the perfect version of themselves. You all are just greedy. There is always the potential to find someone more beautiful, or funnier, or who does a little more than the last. If you waste your whole life never being satisfied, then yes, single you will be.

Contrary to whatever some of you believe, black Single black male and women are really in Single black male together. The word of the day is accountability. For more of Keita and her tactful opinion follow her on twitter keitathejedi or at www. That post you linked reeks of "Nice Guy problems. Honestly came in here to say, "And here. Its actually about even, like most species. In fact, worldwide, there are males to every females.

Single Black Male. 17K likes....

Not really enough to explain so many guys playing the field. Maybe what you were implying was "there are way more women who want a relationship than there are men who're available AND meet her standards". In which case, sure, there would seem to be a lot of chicks running around looking for men to capture. But "Women outnumber men" might be simplifying it way too much.

You can find women in general Single black male want to change their last name… but "quality women" are Single black male as hard to come "Single black male" as "quality men.

Its like me saying "birthing a child isn't hard, it's prolly no different than passing a very fat turd. I can dig it except for the "fear of missing out" part. Fear of missing out on a better chick is prolly the last reason on the long list of why men play the game. I'd say it's related to the old adage "New vajay is better than old vajay.

Dudes playing the game are enjoying the search which usually includes flirting and secks and other assorted fun stuff.

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They aren't playing the game out of FOMO fear of missing out. They are playing the game because the game is fun to play. Some might, but I believe the majority of men wouldn't care— if a beautiful woman came up and offered to submit to him, i doubt he'd be all "no, i can't have secks with you, I'm still saving for a house. No, the issue isn't that men want to have it all together before "Single black male" in a woman… the issue is that they CAN'T bring in the woman they want because SHE prefers a dude who Single black male has it all together.

Once women come to terms with their available options, posts like these will cease.

I think this can be said for both men and women. Like the list in this article. Def gotta place my cosign here. I get where Keita is coming from, but the struggle is real on both sides.

Ok, so what qualities are men looking for that they can't find? If we value different qualities in each other I'm curious what "Single black male" are looking for…. Why Women Think Men are Cheap. I think the great equalizer is prettiness. So let's look at it like this: Thus, if you "only date models" or more reflective of the masses, 7's and ups, you've already greatly reduced your dating pool from jump just like women. As I've written about before, each qualifier you have reduces your dating pool.

Men's experience is really no different than women in this regard — altho, like I said above, I do think most men have less qualifiers for a wife than Single black male have for a husband. And even then men and women reprioritize what they might consider a qualifier if they really connect. To add to Smilez the other pt of the problem is that too many people are Overly picky and too many times we don't want the people that want us, even though they may be more than qualified to make us happy.

Men — don't complain about not being able to find a good woman, date 8's and up then complain about them being too superficial, spoiled brats, spending too much money, or whatever, date the corporate career women with the degree's and all her Single black male, then complain about her being "too independent" and not having enough time Single black male spend with you because she works too much. Meet really good, decent, caring, wonderful, women, with a degree or 2, a good job, no kids, who are more than ready, willing and able, to make time for you, spoil you, and do whatever it takes to make you happy and make you smile on your worst day, and reject her because she's too fat and she's a size 14 and up.

And still complaining because your still single.

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